Rosie O'Donnell films first And Just Like That scenes

Rosie O'Donnell has been spotted filming scenes for And Just Like That for the first time.

The comedian and Cynthia Nixon got to work in front of the cameras in New York's Times Square.

A grey-haired O'Donnell wore a Wicked musical T-shirt with jeans and sneakers, while Nixon sported a green dress and purple heels.

It appears the two had seen the show together on Broadway as O'Donnell is carrying a program, and Nixon a bag of sweets.

The pair shared a selfie from their time on the show's set on Saturday.

"A Wicked good night in Times Square," Nixon captioned the snap.

It was announced on 2 May that O'Donnell had been cast in Season 3 of the Sex and the City revival series.

She's playing a character named Mary.

Fans have speculated that Mary might be a new love interest for Nixon's character, Miranda Hobbes.

In the first two seasons of the show, Miranda was romantically involved with the controversial character Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramirez.

Ramirez's exit from the show was revealed in February.

"They created such an amazing character - such a controversial character, but such an amazing character," Nixon said in an interview with Variety last week.

"They came in and shook everything up, and then the arc was completed."