All Round to Mrs Brown’s, BBC1: Brendan O’Carroll’s comedy creation braves the chat show genre

Ben Travis

Launching a chat show isn’t easy. Just look at the first few weeks of The Nightly Show.

But while critics haven’t warmed up to ITV’s attempt (and neither have audiences), that’s not always an accurate measure of popularity.

Just take Mrs. Brown’s Boys, the hit BBC sitcom that apparently nobody likes, but huge swathes of people watch. Those ratings don’t lie.

The Beeb will surely be hoping that the critic-proof creation of Brendan O’Carroll will translate in the murky waters of the chat show as they launch All Round to Mrs. Brown’s.

Airing in a prime Saturday night slot, it’s a prominent position for the character to try out something different.

Of course, show genre aside it’s more of the same humour – which will be polarising for many viewers. But those who have a fondness for Mrs Brown’s innuendos will probably find a fair bit to enjoy.

(BBC/BOC/Hungry Bear/Graeme Hunter)

Like The Mrs Merton Show and The Kumars at No 42 before it, All Round to Mrs Brown’s features a mix of scripted comedy and celebrity guest interviews, all filmed in front of a live studio audience.

It’s old-school, though the opening episode bringing an amusingly diverse set of guests: Pamela Anderson, Judy Murray, and Louis Walsh. Oh, and a performance from James Blunt for added divisiveness.

Expect outrage, scorn on Twitter, disparaging reviews – and inexplicably massive audience ratings.

BBC One, Saturday, 9pm