Roy Keane's scathing review of England despite comeback win against Slovakia - Euro 2024 TV watch

You had to feel sorry for Gareth Southgate in his pre-match interview with ITV’s Gabriel Clarke, after all, he’s not been the one passing it sideways and out of play.

But people hate him. As much, I suspect, for how he is, as a man, as his management. Eternally reasonable, this is no environment for a decent fella. The core ITV team of Roy Keane, Gary Neville and Ian Wright spent over an hour with Mark Pougatch saying things we’ve all heard before in a predictable way, pretending England can be good.

Roy wears a particularly grumpy expression and at one point says ‘Gareth is the manager, he picks the team.’ Wow, such insight. Neville praises England fans for their loyalty. You might call it something else considering the poor fare they endure. Roy doesn’t really rate Slovenia and thinks England will win. An interview with Kobbie Mainoo, who starts, shows a very young lad from Stockport. He seems like a nice kid whose hero was Ronaldinho.

They build him up, the knocking down will happen later, inevitably There is no side to him yet and no cynicism. Roy is a big fan of his and likes how he wants the ball and says he’s doing stuff that it took him 10 years to learn. No one says he’s untainted by past failures and that’s why they’re optimistic about him.

Laura Woods, who's having a good tournament, is once again pitch side with Karen Carney with the midges, but it doesn’t add much, though the word ‘Slovakia’ said in a Brummie accent by Carney is an impressive thing. The amount of hate she gets is ridiculous.

There’s a lot of praising Marc Guehi, which feels like a curse. He is booked in the first minutes. Wrighty bemoans England’s left side because Trippier is too predictable but it’s down the right that gets exposed in the first half. ‘We have to win this game’ says Neville, obviously ‘England can’t play in front of them’, they need runners,’ says Roy.

But they do and they haven’t. There is a hint of desperation to all their words as the players come out. They try to be positive, which is pointless if you want to be taken seriously. Lee Dixon is with Sam Matterface to the astonishment and disappointment of everyone who prefers the inexplicably side-lined Clive and Coisty.

Inevitably England starts terribly and are almost professionally unexciting. Slovakia are the better side and take the lead. Now came the ‘they’re a good side’ talk about Slovakia, as once again England struggled. It is so very predictable.

Half time. Gary says: "It’s got Iceland vibes, it was that bad. It’s illegal Trent is not playing".

"He has to make changes", says Roy. "Nowhere good enough. How many excuses do we have to make?". It’s all pleasingly critical. Roy seems genuinely annoyed and has got a proper nark on like it’s all a personal insult. They are shocked there are no subs.

Second half was more aimless thrashing by England until Bellingham scored with 90 seconds left. England scored again but remained poor in extra time and looked like conceding again but ultimately, won. Matterface went full Partridge, talking about the darkest hour just before dawn.

Even the pundits couldn’t bear to be positive, having had everything they said before the game proven so wrong. Roy seemed confused. "Woeful" said Neville about England, but could he have been talking about the punditry team's performance.