Royal expert issues warning over King Charles' 'awkward' Zara Tindall decision

Royal Ascot 2024 - Thursday
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As rumours continue to circulate, a Royal expert has suggested that King Charles might bestow the title of princess upon Zara Tindall. Zara, 43, Princess Anne's daughter, was not given the title in her youth after her mother declined Queen Elizabeth II's offer.

The Princess Royal preferred for Zara and her brother Peter to live without the burden of their Royal lineage. However, speculation is rife that Zara could now receive a title, as she has shown great support to the King following his cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

She was even seen warmly greeting the King with a smile and a hug at the Windsor Horse Show last month. Richard Eden, Daily Mail Diary Editor, however, believes it's "very unlikely" that Zara will become a princess, reports the Express.

Speaking on the Palace Confidential podcast, he said: "We all love Zara and we've seen her quite a lot"

"We saw her at the Buckingham Palace Garden Party supporting her cousin Prince William and it's something that would be popular. Her and Mike Tindall are very popular members of the Royal Family but I think it is very unlikely to happen.

"She's very busy, has lots of business and it would be awkward."

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Rebecca English, Daily Mail Royal Editor, concurs. She added: "It won't happen. I mean she has obviously a very full life as a you know professional equestrian with a lot of sport sponsorships.

"There's not actually a carved out role for her financially, you'd then have to create a role, would the King have to support her financially? Personally, I suspect he would if he did that."

English suggests that Zara could be seen at more palace events and state banquets when her cousin, Prince William, ascends to the throne.

Charlotte Griffiths of The Mail on Sunday has noted that William and Zara share a "really deep bond" which could see her playing a significant role in his future reign.

She further commented: "William really trusts her and loves her, you can just tell they have a really deep bond, and I think he trusts her more than any of his other cousins.

"And it's such a delicious irony, isn't it? That she's the one who had the HRH taken away at birth by Anne and has emerged as the most natural, most relaxed, most trustworthy members of that extended Royal garden party pack."

Griffiths concluded that Zara is "doing a great job" and might not even desire the princess title. Zara herself once discussed not being given the title at birth. She stated: "We were very lucky that we got to do it a bit our own way."

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