Royal Mail bans postmen from flying England or Wales flags during World Cup

England flag on car
England flag on car

Royal Mail bosses are being branded as "woke" after they banned postmen from flying patriotic flags on the company's 48,000 vans and lorries during the World Cup.

All flags - of England, Wales and other countries - are barred from the Royal Mail's delivery vehicles, as well as from tens of thousands of walking postal workers' letter trollies.

The ban is understood to apply even to miniature St George's flags and stickers.

The delivery firm said there were concerns of flags causing rows with pedestrians and drivers, and also worries they could blow away and cause accidents.

'Flying the flag is like showing your pride'

A postman in south London said: "We can't put flags on vans for the football any more. Quite a few drivers would like to, but it's not permitted. It's the woke climate influencing people in charge."

A Royal Mail delivery driver in south London added: "Flying the flag is like showing your pride. World Cups used to be fun with the England flags. Now we can't do it."

Patriotic groups have also blasted the flag ban.

Nick Dutt, chairman of The Royal Society of St George's, which promotes 'Englishness,' said: "Royal Mail is finding excuses not to allow flags. They are hiding behind health and safety. It's frustrating.

"We should be celebrating our football team and who we are, and be proud of our country and our flag. People should be allowed to fly flags."

The Royal Mail said it has a general "no flags" policy at all times.

The firm said reasons for the ban include fears flags could cause rows between its workers, pedestrians and road users, and also due to safety worries in case flags blow off and become "hazards" to other motorists.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: "Flags on vehicles can be a distraction to other road users. Poorly-positioned items can block vision. Poorly-fitted items can fall off and be a hazard.

"Flags also introduce the risk of confrontation with other road users or pedestrians. For this reason, we do not permit celebratory flags to be displayed. It's a company-wide policy across the business and covers trollies, vans and lorries."