RSF Claims Capture of 130 Members of Sudan's Republican Guard

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) said in a video statement on May 8 that 130 members of the country’s armed forces (SAF) had surrendered to them.

The footage starts with a member of the RSF describing the date and location as, “May 8, the Republican Palace.” He says that the captured soldiers are members of the Republican Guard, or “presidential guard force”, which he says was in the Republican Palace under the command of Maj Gen Saeed Bashir Ali Saket.

He introduces Saket, who also identifies himself with his rank and full name. Saket says that the soldiers are being treated well and that injured prisoners had received medical treatment. The appearance of the man seen in the video matches that of Saket, as seen in previously published images (see here and here).

Addressing the soldiers, the speaker in the video says, “You and us are one […] we were only divided by politicians […] you are our brothers.” Credit: Rapid Support Forces via Storyful