RSF Fighters Claim Sudan Armed Forces Base in Central Khartoum

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) said they had “destroyed a fortress” of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in central Khartoum on Thursday, May 4, as fighting continued despite the agreement of a seven-day ceasefire.

The RSF footage shows several fighters shouting as they stand outside an SAF military command building in Sudan’s capital, not far from the airport. A number of buildings and military vehicles can be seen damaged along the street.

The command lies on an intersection of one of the main streets that runs through downtown Khartoum.

Further footage that circulated on social media on the same date showed RSF fighters within the command complex.

On the same day, the SAF said it repelled an attack at its Signal Corps headquarters in Khartoum North, and destroyed or captured several RSF vehicles in the process.

Al Jazeera reported that fighting continued on May 5, with explosions heard in Khartoum North and near the Presidential Palace in Khartoum. Credit: Rapid Support Forces via Storyful

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