RSPCA hunt person who sexually abused a kitten leaving it with 'serious injuries'

The terrified nine-week-old cat was found on Sunday. (SWNS)

The RSPCA is appealing for help finding a person who sexually abused a kitten and left it in the street with horrific injuries.  

A member of the public discovered the terrified nine-week-old cat at around 2pm on Sunday and phoned the charity soon after.

It had sustained a damaged rectum and was covered in mud and faeces when vets arrived on the scene in Nottingham. 

The animal was taken for emergency veterinary treatment and following an examination, vets said they believed the cat had been sexually abused.

Vets believe the cat was subjected to sexual abuse. (SWNS)

The RSPCA has now launched an appeal to track down the person responsible.

Animal collection officer Hayley Day said: “When I collected the kitten I could see he was trying to defecate but was really struggling and he was so swollen around the rectum that I couldn’t tell what sex he was.

“He was also covered in faeces and very skinny. 

“The vet said the injuries to his rectum suggested he had been sexually abused and it is so upsetting to think of the pain and suffering he has been through.

“He is such a lovely and friendly chap and I have named him Benny. He just wants to cuddle.


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“Benny was not microchipped and so I am appealing for help in tracing his owner who may live near the area where he was found.” 

Ben Berlyne, of Arnold and Carlton Vets, said: “The damage to the rectum suggests the kitten has been sexually abused. 

“I am now treating him with pain-killers and am trying to assess the extent of the injuries. 

“He is such a lovely and friendly kitten in spite of the horrific ordeal he has been through. It is sickening to think about what he has endured. 

Anyone who may have information as to who is responsible is asked to contact the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.