Who is Ruby Sunday? What is going on with her? All the possible clues we have so far

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What is going on with Doctor Who's Ruby Sunday?James Pardon/Bad Wolf/BBC Studios

Doctor Who is officially back on our screens for a new season, with Ncuti Gatwa leading the way as the fifteenth Doctor, alongside his new companion Ruby Sunday. And while they've been helping space babies, defeating Maestro and surviving a war on an alien planet, the one overarching question throughout the series so far is, what is going on with Ruby Sunday?

Since her first appearance in the recent Christmas episode 'The Church on Ruby Road', where it was revealed Ruby is an orphan who was left on the steps of a church, there's been questions around her identity, including if she's really human, and crucially who her mother could be.

And now, in the most recent episodes, which began in May, there's been a lot of weird goings on where Ruby is concerned. Like the fact it's snows when she's in danger, the Doctor's scan and Maestro's fear at Ruby's connection to 'the oldest one'.

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So what is actually going on? Well here are all the clues and then potential theories about Ruby's identity we've uncovered so far.

All the clues and theories about Ruby's identity

The snow of it all

Ok, so one of the biggest clues, something is not quite right with Ruby is the snow that falls around her, particularly whenever she is in danger.

During episode one 'Space Babies' snow begins to fall when Ruby and the Doctor reminisce about the night she was found and who her parents could be. It later falls in episode two 'The Devil's Chord' when Maestro is hoisting Ruby in the air and she's trapped. And in episode three 'Boom' the snow begins to fall when Ruby is flagging after being shot by the solider.

The Doctor's memory changes

Back in the Christmas episode the Doctor returned to the scene of Ruby being dropped off at the church and followed the hooded figure who left her there, but didn't discover her identity.

During the first episode of the new series we also saw the Doctor's memory of that event alter in front of his eyes. In his new memory the woman now turns and points at him, whereas before she never registered him. Um altering memories? Yep, even the Doctor was disturbed.

If the person can alter the Doctor's memory they must be pretty powerful and therefore by extension Ruby could also be pretty powerful.

The Doctor's scan

At the end of episode one after saving the space babies and the bogey monster, the Doctor returned Ruby home to her family. As she stepped out of the Tardis, he secretly scanned her and ran a test on her to see her species.

We don't ever actually see the test finish scanning her, getting to around 70 per cent completion and at that point it indicates she is human. But if the Doctor has enough doubts to check, maybe there's more to Ruby that meets the eye?

The hidden song

While Maestro is torturing Ruby in the second episode, they get super freaked out after discovering there is a "hidden song deep inside her soul" and the music from when she was abandoned at the church begins to play.

The Doctor seems happy the song and snow are distracting Maestro, but Maestro then gives a grave warning, asking how can a song have so much power, and power so "much like him"? While Maestro doesn't give an exact name they refer to them as "the oldest one" and questions that he can't have been there on the night of her birth.

Though Maestro doesn't name the "oldest one" it seems likely they are an incredibly powerful being, powerful enough to scare Maestro.

They add an even more cryptic clue to the pile, when they point at Ruby and say "this creature is very wrong". Excuse me, that's our Ruby you're talking about.

Her next of kin

ruby and mundy
BBC Studios/Bad Wolf/James Pardon

In the most recent episode, after she is shot by the solider, the ambulance attempts to scan her and identify her next of kin, but the machine falters and begins to glitch as it's something it's never encountered before.

So who actually is Ruby Sunday?

During the first episode of the new season, when Ruby agrees to travel with the Doctor he says the one place he cannot take her to is when she was abandoned on Christmas. But while she may not be able to return to the scene, we will at least get some answers as to her origin story later this season.

Series showrunner Russell T Davies has confirmed we won't be left wondering as to Ruby's identity the whole series, telling CinemaBlend, "I mean, there is a meaning, there is a significance, it will be explained.

"It's not going to be one of those annoying mysteries that at the end of the season, we go, ‘Ahh, keep watching. We will continue this mystery.’ There's a definite answer. It is meant to be a mystery."

But it seems we will likely have to wait towards the end of the season to find out for sure as the seventh episode (which airs on 15th June) in the series is titled 'The Legend of Ruby Sunday' and is surely going to explore and explain what exactly is going on with Ruby.

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