Runners Cheer as Final Person Completes NYC Marathon

Cheers and support awaited the final runner in the New York City Marathon – named in local reports as 75-year-old Rozanna Radakovich – as she approached the finish line in Manhattan on Sunday, November 6.

Video from the scene shows a crowd applauding as Radakovich crossed the line with the help of a walking cane and two guides from Achilles International. According to the race organizers, she crossed the line 15 hours and 10 minutes after leaving Staten Island.

The moment was captured by Kristina Lopez who told Storyful she was part of Project Finish NYC, a movement that began in 2016 and encourages people to return to the finish line late in the evening to cheer for the remaining runners.

It was the 36th time Radakovich had completed the NYC Marathon and the second time she came last, having finished 2021’s race at just over 12 hours and 21 minutes.

Speaking to the New York Post after last year’s marathon, Radakovich said: “I don’t care — I’m not going to win anything, I’m doing it for me."

Ahead of the 2022 marathon, Radakovich told News 12: “I just love doing it, it makes me feel proud of myself. Now that I’m handicapped, it’s even prouder.” Credit: Kristina Lopez/@projectfinishnyc via Storyful

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