Russell Brand Admits His Campaign For A UK Revolution Was A 'Failure'

Russell Brand has admitted that he may have got a little bit ahead of himself last year, when he called for the British public to revolt against the General Election.

Brits were left baffled by the controversial comedian, who attempted to convince the nation not to vote in the hope to bring about radical social change.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority ignored Russell’s suggestion, and now the 41 year old is able to laugh at himself as he admits that the move was a failure.

Speaking of his campaign, Russell quipped: “I can’t tell if it was spiritual enlightenment or mental illness. I can smile about it now but at the time it was terrible.

“I’d lost myself a little bit; don’t run on the ego energy, Russell – you run into trouble.”

At the height of his campaign, Russell made friends with the Labour party leader, Ed Miliband, who he famously interviewed in his kitchen.

Speaking to The Sun, Russell continued: “Do you remember when I broke the general election because Ed Miliband came around my f*cking house, do you remember that?

“I was thinking while he was in there, it’s a bit weird that this is happening. I do genuinely feel quite benevolent about Ed Miliband but he does look a scientist who has tried to turn himself into a horse with a potion but then changed his mind half way through.

“But I just felt for the fella a little bit and then the next day when it turned out the Conservatives were elected more than ever before, I thought ‘oh f*ck, I’ve broken England, sh*t’.”

Don’t worry, Russell – we don’t think that it was your fault entirely