Russell Brand shares news of baptism

Russell Brand has revealed on social media that he is being baptised.

Taking to Instagram, the comedian and actor opened up about the next step on his spiritual journey, sharing the news and asking his followers who have gone through the same process to share their experiences with him.

He wrote, "Baptism. This Sunday I'm taking the plunge! How was it for you?"

Brand also mentioned how the opportunity to get baptised was a pathway to relinquish his past life.

"It is an opportunity to die and be reborn and an opportunity to leave the past behind," he said in the clip he posted on the platform.

Brand also penned in the caption that his baptism would take place over the weekend, although he did not disclose where.

It comes months after he was accused of sexual misconduct by several women he was allegedly involved with in the past.

The actor has denied the allegations.

Brand admitted that in his past, he was "very, very promiscuous".

However, he claims that all sexual interactions he had at the time were "absolutely always consensual".

Brand was famously married to Katy Perry from 2010 to 2012.

He has been married to author, illustrator and media presenter Laura Gallacher since 2017.