'Absolutely f***ing smashed': Russell Crowe shares footage from his fire-damaged property

Russell Crowe appears in a self-shot video of his fire damaged property in NSW
Russell Crowe shared a video of his attempts to access his scorched property. Photo: Twitter/russellcrowe

Russell Crowe has taken to Twitter to share footage of the devastation wreaked upon his New South Wales property by the bushfires over the past few weeks.

The Gladiator actor’s property is just one of thousands impacted by the fires that are still tearing through the region.

So far, almost 500 homes have been destroyed according to reports from the NSW Rural Fire Service.

In a video shared on Monday afternoon, the actor attempted to access his expansive property in Nana Glen near Coffs Harbour, unable to surmount one road blocked by fallen trees.

The multi-million dollar estate was damaged in the fires, as seen in photos the actor shared to Twitter, but the actor admitted he was ‘overall very lucky’ considering the devastation so many other properties had suffered.

In the latest video, the Academy Award-winner showed the aftermath of the fire, so dangerous to navigate that he was unable to access his property because of the damage.

He describes the landscape as, ‘absolutely f**king smashed’.

Footage of bushfire damage near Russell Crowe's NSW property shared to Twitter
A screenshot of the video showing the devastation on the property. Photo: Twitter/russellcrowe

“So we’re up here trying to get up to this ridge road but we keep coming across things like that,” he says pointing to a fallen tree blocking the road, surrounded by the blackened bases of charred gum trees.

“So I’ve got a few boys behind me chopping through with a chainsaw, but I don’t think we brought enough chainsaws because we’ve got a long way to go to get to where we’re supposed to be.”

In the video’s caption, he described the images the camera couldn’t capture.

“Fires still burning, logs smoking everywhere you look,” he wrote, adding they had to abandon their attempt to summit the ridge.

The video, initially shot for a friend, was shared by the actor who has been providing regular updates on the fires in and around his property.

Initial controversy

Initially the actor’s updates attracted criticism from onlookers.

One neighbour even claimed the star’s residence got preferential treatment by the fire services, but that suggestion was slammed by NSW Fire Service as ‘impossible’.

Russell’s family also came to his defence over the claims, saying they were ‘absolute bullsh*t’ on social media.

The actor dispelled any rumours when he later shared side by side images of destroyed parts of the property, to the horror of fans.

Side by side of (left) Russel Crowe's property before bushfire damage, and (right) property after bushfire damage
Photos shared by Russell Crowe of the devastation of the fires. Photo: Twitter/russellcrowe

“Oh man. I am so sorry. It's just been so devastating for so many. Hopefully, time will heal all those wounds,” one fan wrote on the recent update.

“I'm absolutely devastated for you,” another agreed.

Even celebrity pal, blue Wiggle Anthony Field shared his sympathy.

“Be safe mate!” he wrote.

Ongoing devastation

Firefighters have been working through catastrophic conditions to protect lives and keep bushfires across NSW away from homes.

Hundreds of new fires across the state’s north resulted in ‘catastrophic’ conditions on Tuesday but authorities have warned the threat is not over as a southerly wind change begins to sweep.

More than a million hectares of land has been consumed by bushfires that damaged or destroyed 12 more homes.