Russell Grant's Horoscopes as Cancers told 'never keep your feelings bottled up'

Astrologer Russell Grant brings you today's horoscopes.
Astrologer Russell Grant brings you today's horoscopes. -Credit:Daily Record


You’re determined to outperform competitors by a sizeable margin. Those in high places will be impressed by your performance. Even so, the blockbuster ending you envisaged is not to be. A contract is ended before originally agreed. There will be an early termination fee.


You have given everything you have to a charity or community effort. You’re ready to leave your post and let someone else take over your responsibilities. A fellow volunteer is up for the task. You have some incredible experiences to look back on but it is time to call it a day.


You will need to modify aspects of your life in order to accommodate new arrangements. Changes will not happen overnight. This gives those around you who are stuck in their ways a chance to get used to new ideas. Be patient, for the sake of a big transformation.


It is never good for your health to keep your feelings bottled up inside. Confide in a valued friend. An old friendship is falling apart due to a foolish misunderstanding. Will you be the first to offer the olive branch? This could help fix a broken relationship.


If you find yourself in a leading role, group activities will bring you some pleasing rewards. If, on the other hand, you’re having to make sure you abide by the wishes of others who are in a more senior position, you’re likely to feel that your ideas are actually being ignored.


A housemate or workmate is hoping that you will approve of their ideas which are experimental to say the least. You cannot see these working and you can only see them wasting a lot of their time and money. You may have to put your foot down and just say no to them.


Concentration will be a difficult thing to find. You find yourself tempted to leave a difficult task undone. Someone is watching you. If you walk away now, they will complete the work and then walk off with all the credit. Even if progress is slow, stick at it.


A new interest or relationship will require a huge supply of patience, stamina and perseverance. But you do want this to work out. You are almost obsessed with the need to prove you have made the right decision. But the question is: have you really?


Plans are controversial. Hopes are destroyed when a dispute remains unresolved. To a great extent this is a reason why many people are pulling out. You’re hopeful that a new deal will be reached. While waiting, you will get on with what must be done without too much supervision.


Try to act like your natural self if you are attending a test or an interview. People only want to see you as you are and as you will be if they have any further dealings with you. If you have some important documents or papers to read, wait until you are on your own to do so.


A housemate or relative needs to know that you are willing to pay attention to a boring but rather pressing domestic issue. Once they see you aren’t deliberately avoiding this problem and you do intend to do something about it, they will be less hostile towards you.


You’re having misgivings about the value of a joint project. It is becoming more apparent that a partner is expecting you to put in most of the work. You’ll find they are not willing to change. You must decide now whether you should continue with a situation that seems grossly unfair.

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