Russell Grant's horoscopes as Leo's encouraged to be more sociable

Astrologer Russell Grant brings you today's horoscopes
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Today's daily horoscopes for each star sign can be found below. These daily forecasts have been compiled by astrologer Russell Grant, who has been reading star signs for more than 50 years.


YOU could easily fall for the captivating ideas of a charming leader but after some reflection, you might reconsider. This shift demonstrates wisdom. Be ready to expose unfair tactics. The last thing they will want is to have their underhanded deeds brought to light.


BE certain to address any legal or financial issues promptly to avoid potential losses from hefty fines or fees. Attending a party, community gathering, or club event will lead to a friendship or romantic relationship. Worries about finances overshadow an otherwise decent day


TACKLE tasks you have recently put aside either due to lack of time or motivation. These jobs won’t take as long as you expected and you might wish you had got them out of the way sooner. If there are apologies to be made, whether it is for something you did or didn’t do, make them.


BUILDING strong social and professional relationships can lead to financial gains. More funding options are becoming available from outside sources. Influential people are open to hearing your ideas, but it’s wise to stay silent if a competitor asks questions. There’s no need to disclose progress.


SOCIAL events bring out the best in you. You can relax and be yourself when you are with your favourite people. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy the happiness friendship can bring. Your positivity will attract new people. Don’t hesitate to share thoughts with those you look up to.


PROFESSIONAL responsibilities weigh heavily. Believe in yourself. Stay optimistic and if you are serious about goals, you will find the strength and determination to achieve them. Change may be unsettling, but things will stabilise soon. With your preference for routine, they always do.


ROUTINE tasks keep you busy, but deep down, you can’t shake the feeling there’s more to life than this. It’s like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle and it’s difficult to find the motivation to tackle mundane chores when you’d rather be somewhere else. If someone offers help, accept it.


YOU’RE letting some strong emotions get the better of you. Instead, use all this inner energy to drive you forward. Be patient and persist if you hope to achieve a self-set target. If you can keep nerves under control, today’s achievements will pave the way for exciting future opportunities.


YOU realise the importance of getting on well with others if you are to achieve desired outcomes. Even if someone close isn’t being cooperative, you will patiently respond to their criticism. Your actions serve as a model for others and they’ll eventually grasp the situation.


IF you’re in the middle of a difficult business or legal transaction, make sure you are fully informed of everything that is going on. Even just a small lapse of concentration could lead to someone grabbing the chance they have been watching for to bring some deceit into play.


IT can be amazing how relationships improve over time. You’re starting to talk more openly with an older relative even though you haven’t been getting along too well lately. It’s a great feeling when someone is willing to let go of past issues and you’re more than happy to go along with their decisions.


YOUR attention is centred on your home, family, and property interests. Your strong love for your family motivates you to spend quality time at home. This is a great time to start searching for a new place to live if you have plans to relocate. When it comes to work, let your imagination soar.

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