Russell Grant's Horoscopes as Scorpio told to keep emotions under control

Astrologer Russell Grant brings you today's horoscopes.
Astrologer Russell Grant brings you today's horoscopes. -Credit:Daily Record

Today's daily horoscopes for each star sign can be found below. These daily forecasts have been compiled by astrologer Russell Grant, who has been reading star signs for more than 50 years


You will get more done and a lot more quickly if you are organised about it. Refuse to allow panic to get the better of you. Should the amount that must be done before the end of this week seem never ending, take it one step at a time. Make lists if you feel it would help.


A pessimistic friend’s comments are starting to influence others. People will admit to having doubts about the future of a joint effort. You prefer to remain hopeful for better things to come. There’s no harm in being cautiously optimistic and even a little excited.


You will be wiping your brow and heaving a huge sigh of relief when a team makes it through to the next level. People respect your contribution to a scheme to help the most vulnerable members of your community. You won’t give up the fight for justice.


Stay focused on the task in hand. It doesn’t matter what it might take, you intend to make a success of anything you take on now and that’s because you sense someone is expecting you to fail. Your resilience and endless resourcefulness will take some people by surprise.


Any plans you have to go travelling should be checked and double-checked. You don’t want to find yourself stranded in the back of beyond. Depending on how you decide to go, lost tickets and mechanical breakdowns are just some of the hazards that might be expected.


You were hoping to discuss a touchy topic with someone close. Your partner or a housemate has been deliberately avoiding having to face up to this issue. Your plans to have a heart to heart conversation will be thwarted by the arrival of some unexpected visitors. Don’t be disheartened.


Flow with the lucky tide that suddenly seems to be sweeping into your life. A professional goal is in sight just around the corner. With just a little more effort you could reach it. A work project will suddenly become more interesting when a talented executive gets involved.


Discussions and agreements being made will keep your mind firmly in the present. Once this is over you will be demanding an explanation about something relating to the past. Your ability to keep emotions under control comes in useful in a heated argument.


At times you can’t keep up with everything that’s going on and neither should you be expected to do so. You are here, there and everywhere but you can only be in one place at the one time. Think about hiring more help if you aren’t able to delegate jobs to workmates or housemates.


You can’t keep covering for a workmate in their absence. You understand they are going through a difficult time but they have started taking your help too much for granted. If they can’t cope with their responsibilities it might be time they handed in their notice and moved on.


You might wish someone you are spending time with would either cheer up or simply go back to bed. You can understand that recent setbacks have been getting them down a lot but they aren’t even trying to help themselves and that’s what is frustrating you most now.


A small misunderstanding early in the day will cloud your mood. You don’t want to have to explain your feelings to other people. Keeping well out of an older relative’s way will not mean the matter is over with. Tense discussions will continue this evening.

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