Debris of Russian missile downed by Ukraine lands in Moldovan village

CHISINAU (Reuters) -Missile debris landed in the northern Moldovan village of Naslavcea on Monday morning after a Russian fusillade was intercepted by air defences in neighbouring Ukraine, Moldova's Interior Ministry said.

No one was reported hurt but the windows of several residential homes were shattered in Naslavcea, which lies on the border with Ukraine, the ministry said in a statement.

The Russian strike had targeted a Ukrainian dam on the Nistru river that runs through Ukraine and Moldova, Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu tweeted.

"Attacks on water infrastructure and ensuing stress on the river could put the entire region in danger of floods," he said, condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine "in the strongest possible terms".

Russia fired dozens of missiles at Ukraine on Monday, pounding energy facilities, causing blackouts and cutting off water supplies in some parts of the country, Ukrainian officials said.

The Moldovan Defence Ministry said its radars had not detected any illegal flights in its air space and that the debris from the missile had not been picked up because of the size of the shrapnel.

(Reporting by Alexander Tanas; writing by Tom Balmforth; editing by Timothy Heritage)