Ruth Wilson says Hollywood’s hypocrisy blew her mind: ‘There’s no moral backbone’

Ruth Wilson says Hollywood’s hypocrisy blew her mind: ‘There’s no moral backbone’

Ruth Wilson, the star of Lutherand The Affair, has spoken out against Hollywood’s handling of the MeToo revelations.

The actor, 41, said it was “extraordinary” to see people in Hollywood go from ignoring the abuse in the industry to pretending to care.

She told The Guardian: “To see the survival instinct. You realise how fickle that industry is. There’s no moral backbone. People were like: ‘We’re going to have a meeting about how badly we’ve behaved and then we’ll all be fine.’ It blew my mind.

“It made me understand a whole swathe of human behaviour. So many people don’t really believe anything – only what makes them money … They’re opportunists. You see that. But it makes you sage about what you want, what’s important.”

She claimed that because disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein – one of Hollywood’s most notorious abusers – knew “how to get people Oscars”, people turned a blind eye to his behaviour.

The star reportedly quit the Showtime drama The Affair in 2018 due to the number and nature of her sex scenes.

She later claimed she was “not allowed” to talk about why she left and reports claimed she had signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Asked about her thoughts on NDAs in the new interview, Wilson said: “I don’t think there should be any NDAs. If there’s a problem, there’s a problem. It needs to be dealt with, not put under NDA so you can’t speak about it.”

Wilson can next be seen in The Second Woman at the Young Vic, a 24-hour performance consisting of a single scene repeated 100 times on a loop.