What Ryan Hall told Hull KR players in surprise team meeting as ultimate motive revealed

When Ryan Hall stood in front of the Hull KR playing group to let them know he would be leaving at the end of the season, he made a request to the squad. This will be Hall's final season as a Rovers player, with the winger returning to Leeds Rhinos in 2025 as his career goes full circle.

Despite being a key cog in Rovers' on-field resurgence over the years, Hall, one of Super League's all-time greats, doesn't believe he has been successful at Craven Park yet. Success comes in the shape of silverware for the England great, and while Hull KR have gotten close, it has eluded them so far.

Hall wants that to change in the final months of his career, and that was made clear to his team-mates, who are now fully on board with delivering on his last wish. Rovers want to do it for Hally.

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Oliver Gildart, his centre partner, was in that meeting and shed light on the atmosphere after the news was delivered.

"We had a meeting, it was a bit unusual," Gildart explained. "Everyone was wondering what's going on, then he stood up in the team room, let us know what his situation was and that we'd got the rest of the year to make sure we get something for him. I think that would be incredible if we could get some silverware and send Hally off to Leeds next year. He's been a big part of the progression at this club in the last few seasons, and we would love to see him leave as another medal winner.

"Everybody looks up to him and respects him; he's our senior player that we can turn to for advice in any scenario, so there will be nothing better than sending him off with another trophy or medal.

"There was a lot of disappointment in the room, but whatever is best for Hally, we'll all back it. We don't have the time to mope around about the decision; we have limited time left with him, so let's send him off as a winner. The boys have all bought into that and something we'll probably speak about more later in the year."

Playing inside Hall has been a surreal experience for the former Wigan Warriors star, given that he and his brother idolised him in front of a television as youngsters.

"He's the best," said Gildart, who is almost nine years younger than Hall. "It's been a real privilege to come here this year, and I'm quite gutted he's leaving. I'm only going to get this season, but I'm going to make the most of it now.

"As a young kid, me and my brother used to love watching Ryan Hall, he was probably our favourite player. To be playing with him now, hopefully he can get that record in the next couple of games. It's crazy to play with him week in, week out. He's such a role model for everyone here and how he goes about week to week is phenomenal.

"He'll probably go down as one of the best wingers of all time. To just be able to play a tiny part in that, a couple of assists here and there, I'm going to claim a lot more I think, but he's the best bloke, everyone looks up to him, I hold him in such high regards."

And Gildart's brother is enjoying the experience just as much, even if it is from further afield.

"He loves it, my brother has moved to Australia and I only really chat to him on Facetime but he's always sending me clips if I give Hally an assist or he gives me one. He was an absolute fanboy, my brother, absolutely loved Ryan Hall. It's pretty cool for him now to see us play together."