Ryan Reynolds Enlists Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas to Sing in Welsh for New Aviation Gin Commercial

Reynolds celebrates his Welsh football team, Wrexham AFC, in the collaboration with Thomas

<p>Ryan Reynolds/YouTube</p> Ryan Reynolds Enlists Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas to Sing in Welsh for New Aviation Gin Commercial

Ryan Reynolds/YouTube

Ryan Reynolds Enlists Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas to Sing in Welsh for New Aviation Gin Commercial

Ryan Reynolds is sharing a drink with Rob Thomas.

The Deadpool star and the Matchbox Twenty singer both star in a new FX and Hulu commercial for Aviation Gin. In the spot, Reynolds pokes fun at another Rob in his life — Rob McElhenney, his co-founder of Wrexham AFC.

“Hey, I’m Ryan Reynolds, co-chairman of Wrexham AFC, and co-owner of Aviation American Gin,” he starts out the commercial.

Thomas then chimes in with his own introduction.

“And I’m Rob Thomas, no title,” he quips. Reynolds interrupts him and says, “Legendary singer, Rob Thomas. And thank you for doing this. I really appreciate it.”

The musician, who looks clearly baffled, then asks Reynolds, “What are we doing?”

“Well, Wrexham fans have grown used to seeing me and other Rob together, but he’s not legally allowed to be in Aviation Gin commercials, so,” he trails off, referring to McElhenney.

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Thomas was still clueless as Reynolds made another reference to the Welsh football team.

“You want me to sing songs about Aviation Gin?” Thomas asks. Reynolds responds: “Yes and in Welsh.”

A good sport, Thomas responds, “I can try.”

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Finally, the pair toast with gin-filled drinks as Reynolds jokes, “I already like you better than other Rob” and it closes out with Thomas singing "one, two, three, four" in Welsh.

“Other Rob,” also known as McElhenney, has his own spirits company, an Irish American whiskey brand called Four Wall, which he co-founded with his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia costars Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day.

After the trio released a limited whiskey in 2022 to raise money for the bartending community, they started to experiment with a new spirit.

<p>Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty</p> Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds

Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds

In a hilarious YouTube video about the "origin story," Day sipped on a smooth Irish whiskey, while Howerton ordered an American rye for "something a little more bold." A tap on the back from McElhenney forced the two drinks to spill into one another, thus creating Four Walls Irish American Whiskey.

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"We wanted to create a brand celebrating the four walls that have held our good times in and kept our troubles out,” Howerton said of the whiskey named after the four walls of a bar.

The 80-proof blend is hitting bars around the country, and is now available to order online at FourWallsWhiskey.com, ReserveBar, Flaviar, and Caskers for $36. The brand is also selling merchandise, with 100% of proceeds from select items benefiting Tales of the Cocktail Foundation.

"The three of us have come up with some of our best ideas and had some of our most memorable nights out together in unassuming rooms where great bartenders made us feel like a million bucks when we probably didn't have a hundred between us," McElhenney said at the time. “That is the power of a great bar - when your favorite people are there, your favorite bartender is working, and a great song is playing. Nothing can beat that good time, and that’s what Four Walls is all about.”

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