Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2 passengers warned not to wear certain clothes on flights

Interior of airplane with people sitting on seats.
Wearing inappropriate clothing to the airport could get you barred from flying -Credit:Getty Images

If you are heading off somewhere warm and sunny this year, it's worth being wary of your chosen flying outfit - as certain choices could get you banned from boarding.

According to one travel writer and former flight attendant with 33 years of experience under her belt, the clothes you wear on a plane can say a lot about you.

And, in order to avoid any potential conflicts whilst up in the air, staff can have the power to prevent you from stepping foot on your flight before any drama escalates - potentially down to your clothing choices.

Birmingham Live reports that Mary Jo Manzanares, seasoned flight attendant, has shared exactly why a person's fashion choices could see them banned from getting on a flight to reach their holiday destination.

She told CNN Travel: "You’ve got to make your priority resolving things on the ground, making sure that there is no aggression. When you go to 30,000 feet, you may [have] passenger conversation or banter or inappropriate comments between passengers, add in a little alcohol, and you may be making an unscheduled landing. And no one wants that."

Flight attendant checking boarding pass
Flight attendants are keen to avoid any potential conflict before it kicks off -Credit:Getty Images

This was echoed by another flight attendant who told the Sun: "We're well within our rights to prevent people getting on the flight and it's used frequently for people who aren't dressed in a way we would deem to be acceptable."

Some 'obvious examples' of clothing that you shouldn't wear on the plane include t-shirts with 'swear words or offensive logos' on them. According to the flight attendant, people are 'regularly' asked to cover these up, or remove them completely before they get on board.

It can be difficult to know what is safe to wear on a plane, since most airlines don't provide any official guidance. However, it's wise to avoid any dirty or torn clothes, as well as offensive logos or words.

Some airlines do allow flip-flops, but others may not accept you on board if you're wearing so-called 'beach attire'.

And if your chosen destination has certain rules or customers surrounding clothing, then you may have to ensure you're following these before you board.

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