Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2 and TUI passengers could be banned from flights due to outfits

It is important to wear appropriate clothing when flying and not something which might be considered offensive
Young couple boarding to the plane at airport. -Credit:Getty Images

Passengers flying with Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2, and TUI this summer could find themselves turned away at the gate due to their attire, according to recent reports.

A seasoned flight attendant has shed light on why certain sartorial choices might lead to travellers being denied entry onto their flights. With 33 years of experience in the skies, Mary Jo Manzanares shared insights into the stringent dress code enforced by airlines, reports the Mirror.

Such clothing restrictions have the potential to throw a wrench into holiday plans, especially after eager anticipation for a long-awaited summer getaway. Manzanares advised: "You've got to make your priority resolving things on the ground; making sure that there is no aggression. When you go to 30,000 feet, you may [have] passenger conversation or banter or inappropriate comments between passengers, add in a little alcohol, and you may be making an unscheduled landing. And no one wants that."

BirminghamLive relayed a statement from a cabin crew member to The Sun, noting: "We're well within our rights to prevent people getting on the flight and it's used frequently for people who aren't dressed in a way we would deem to be acceptable."

They also warned passengers of Jet2, Ryanair, TUI, and Easyjet about the consequences of inappropriate dress, adding: "There are some obvious examples here, including t-shirts with swear words or offensive logos on them, which people are regularly asked to cover up, or remove, before they get on board."

Most airlines don't provide official guidance, so it can be difficult to work out what they would deem unacceptable for a flight. But avoid dirty or torn clothes and laidback outfits and void any clothing with slogans that may be deemed offensive or contain any rude language.

Some airlines do allow flip-flops, but others may not accept you on board if you are wearing 'beach attire'. And if a country has specific laws or local customs around clothing, then an airline may expect passengers to keep to these before boarding the aircraft.

A lot of people opt for comfortable clothing on flights - especially when travelling long haul. Airport fashion has become a 'trend' that often features cute yoga pants, crop tops, oversized hoodies, and trainers.

But, your laid-back leggings could be doing you more harm than good, despite being ultra comfortable and fashionable.

A travel aficionado has warned these clothing items are not appropriate for the plane and insists people choose clothing items of a different material. Wearing leggings could be a safety issue.

Aviation expert Christine Negroni has revealed that you should also be checking what materials your chosen plane outfit is made of before boarding. She said that wearing leggings could lead passengers to struggle if there is an emergency on board the flight.