Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet2, TUI passengers told to never have 'bright and flashy suitcases'

Flight passengers have been warned to never travel using "bright flashy colours" when it comes to suitcases. Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet2 and TUI holidaymakers have been warned over using bright and flashy suitcases which could bring you under the attention of others.

Victoria Williams, a travelling expert from Surley Ask has shared her best tips for keeping luggage “safe and lecture” while travelling. She said: “[Here are] practical steps to secure your possessions and give you peace of mind while on the move.

"Stay tuned; we’re unlocking savvy travel secrets!” Victoria said in her huide: “Choose luggage with classic, understated designs to avoid drawing unnecessary attention. Bright, flashy colours and trendy patterns can make your bag stand out in a crowd, potentially attracting unwanted attention from thieves.”

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Do not rely on zips to keep possessions secure, either. Victoria went on and also said: “Instead, opt for suitcases and bags with secure locking mechanisms and strong clasps that are less prone to damage or tampering during transit.”

She added: “By avoiding placing full trust in zips alone, you can significantly reduce the chance of theft and protect your belongings throughout your journey.” Victoria said: “Secure your luggage with a reliable safety strap to prevent accidental opening and secure your belongings during transit.

“The strap adds an extra layer of protection against theft, as it makes it more difficult for unauthorised access.” Victoria said: “Keeping your luggage safe and secure is essential for protecting your valuable items and avoiding theft and damage. Using locks, being vigilant, and avoiding flashy designs are effective ways to secure your luggage before you travel.”

The warning for holidaymakers - both budget airline passengers and those flying with more push, upmarket airlines - comes ahead of the spring and the summer getaway season up and down the country.