Ryanair, Jet2, Easyjet, TUI flights dim lights on take-off for 'important' purpose

The reason lights are always dimmed by flight crew when planes take off and land has been revealed. A flight attendant has revealed why lights go down on British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Ryanair, TUI, Jet2, Wizz Air, Easyjet and more flights.

Sue Fogwell, who worked for United Airlines as cabin crew, revealed that employees will turn the lights down on flights taking off and landing. And Sue, whose answer has gone viral because people didn't know the reason, revealed it is for a very important purpose.

"The lights in the cabin are dimmed at dusk and when it's dark out, so your eyesight can adjust in order to more easily evacuate the aircraft," she revealed. Transitioning from a bright environment to a dark one can take time for our eyes to get used to, she added.

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It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to half an hour for our pupils to fully acclimatise. It means the lights going down will help your eyesight be sharp if you need to evacuate mid-flight for any reason, ensuring proper health and safety protocols are followed.

People need "to see the floor lights that lead to exits" in the case of an emergency. Flight attendants will turn cabin lights on and off so people are not blinding when they exit flights. Dirk-Achim Schevardo, manager, business development, cabin systems at Diehl Aerospace, has spoken out about the need for cabin lighting.

“The aim of cabin illumination is to create wellbeing onboard for the passenger. Therefore Diehl Aerospace is always in direct contact with the major OEMs and the airlines to fulfil this aim,” he said. “The company performs a lot of tests on how light impacts humans and then designs new illumination with the best available technology.

"In the last year, Diehl updated the already flying LED unit for one of the Airbus models to the latest technology version for a better performance regarding space, weight and lighting appearance."