Ryanair returns Tenerife holidaymakers to Canary Islands over 'technical issue'

Ryanair passengers have been left "panicked" on a flight with a pilot making an emergency landing over a "smoking battery". Ryanair, which is rivalled by the likes of Easyjet, TUI, Jet2, British Airways and more, made an emergency landing on a Tenerife flight.

The flight from Tenerife to Edinburgh left holidaymakers panicked after a "smoking battery" forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. The aircraft set off from Tenerife Airport at 8.45pm on Sunday, but half an hour later, the plane returned.

It is believed that a portable battery had become hot and had started to smoke. "Half an hour after we took off, the seatbelt sign went back on and I saw the air hostess running up the aisle with a metal box," a passenger told EdinburghLive.

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"Someone had a portable battery, one of those lithium ones, and it had gotten hot and was smoking. I think the battery was in that box. The passengers began to panic, it was just awful. But the staff were brilliant. The pilot came out and warned us we might have to make an emergency landing in the sea.

"He told us to prepare to brace and put on warm clothes. We were shown where our life jackets were and were told that we might have to exit on the yellow shoots." They added: "You just feel so helpless when you're up in the sky. You never think that sort of thing will ever happen to you.

"That was my first time flying with Ryanair and the staff and cabin crew were fantastic." A spokesperson from Ryanair said: "This flight from Tenerife to Edinburgh (19 May) returned to Tenerife Airport shortly after take-off due to a minor technical issue.

"The aircraft was inspected by engineers and was cleared to return to service before departing for Edinburgh later that same day."