Ryanair staff 'screamed stop it' as 'drunk Brits carried out lewd act in front of kids'

The group have been banned from Ryanair [file image]
Ryanair flight. -Credit:SWNS

A rowdy bunch of 'drunk' British holidaymakers were escorted off a Ryanair flight to Tenerife after they were accused of drinking illicit alcohol and allegedly hurling abuse at other passengers.

The group, who were on their way to the Canary Islands, are also said to have been "engaging in sexual activity in front of children". The party consisted of three men and two women, all hailing from Liverpool, although they had not initially set out together.

The five Liverpudlians found themselves seated in close proximity on the Thursday evening service FR4346 to Tenerife, amidst growing local unrest due to protests against "over tourism".

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According to reports, as soon as the aircraft was airborne, the group cracked open their duty-free purchases and started consuming the liquor directly from the bottles. Canarian Weekly has reported that staff from the budget airline, which competes with the likes of Jet2, TUI, Easyjet, Wizz Air, British Airways, and others, intervened.

Despite attempts by the flight attendants to calm the situation and requests for the boisterous men to lower their voices, their efforts were ignored. The situation escalated when the group began sharing their drinks with two women sitting behind them, reports the Mirror.

Other passengers, fed up with the disturbance, confronted the unruly bunch, asking them to tone down their language and consider the presence of young children, urging them to remain seated as their staggering and bumping caused discomfort among those on board.

The pilot was forced to address the escalating situation over the plane's tannoy, warning that he would land in Lisbon, Portugal, where the disruptive passengers would be evicted and left to find their own way to Tenerife or back home.

There are also reports suggesting that the group were involved in inappropriate sexual behaviour. Upon landing at Tenerife South, the Ryanair pilot called for police assistance on the tarmac, leading to Spanish officers boarding the plane while other holidaymakers remained seated.

All five of the unruly travellers were arrested by National Police officials who confiscated their passports. The pilot also issued a ban, preventing them from flying back to the UK with the airline.