Rylan Clark breaks silence on Rob Rinder romance rumours in a bid to protect mum

Rylan Clark attends the 2024 BAFTA Television Awards with P&O Cruises at The Royal Festival Hall on May 12, 2024 in London, England
Rylan has previously opened up on his difficult divorce -Credit:BAFTA via Getty Images

Rylan Clark has dismissed rumours of a romantic relationship with Rob Rinder, issuing a stern warning to protect his mother's privacy.

The speculation began after the pair's new BBC Two travel show aired, where Rob hinted at their close friendship and "love" for each other while promoting the show on Sunday.

TV judge Judge Rinder responded cryptically to Rylan's promotion of the show. Rylan had written: "Tonight our new show starts at 9pm on BBC Two and iPlayer. It was so special. This man has become family to me because of this experience. It really is a show like no other and we're so proud of it. Hope you enjoy x."

Judge Rinder, also a Good Morning Britain presenter, replied: "'Friendship may and often does, grow into love.' Byron."

However, Rylan quashed any suggestion of romance on Monday reports the Mirror when he revealed that a journalist had tried to question his mum Linda about the rumours.

He posted on X, formerly known as Twitter: "To the journalist that just doorstepped my mum at her house, as polite as you were, please don't. She said you were a lovely man but she's 71 years old and it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable."

Quick to debunk the rumours, Rylan asserted: "The answer is no. I'm not dating Rob Rinder he's one of my closest friends. Next time tweet me. Thanks."

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The pair formed a close bond while taping their travelogue show for BBC Two, Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour, during which the two explore luxury tourist destinations just as 18th and 19th century elites once did, all while navigating personal heartaches stemming from recent divorces.

In the show's premier episode, Rylan brought Rob to tears when he got candid about his own marital downfall. Over a drink in Venice, Rylan confessed: "I think it was a culmination of my marriage breaking down and actually me stopping for the first time in 10 years."

He added: "Then, all of a sudden, I hit quite a big speed bump instead of carrying on, I just sunk. It was the worst experience of my life. I just went on a downward spiral. I tried to end it, I tried to finish myself off.

"I didn't eat, I went down to 9st. I'm 6ft 4 Rob, like I look[ed] horrendous."

Seeing the gravity of Rylan's distress, Rob opened up about his own past, revealing: "I was once so in love when I was in my early twenties, but it wasn't reciprocated. And it never has been."

Seeking solace in their shared pain, Rylan comforted Rob, saying, "Do you know what, Rob? We're here once, we've been through quite a lot of stuff. What's it taught us? Nothing's forever unless its right."

Rylan, formerly married to ex-Big Brother contestant Dan Neal, 44, ended their six year marriage in 2021.

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