Rylan Clark says he's been on just two dates in two years since marriage split

Rylan Clark says he has only been on two dates in the last two years
Rylan Clark says he has only been on two dates in the last two years -Credit:Getty Images

Rylan Clark has opened up about his return to the dating scene following his split from husband Dan Neal, admitting he's only been on two dates in the past two years.

The beloved presenter discussed his tough times in love and the impact his divorce had on his family life, reports the Mirror.

The TV and radio favourite is set to feature with his good mate Rob Rinder in a new BBC series where the pair, both recently divorced, escape to Italy to follow in the footsteps of the Grand Tourists of yore.

In a heartfelt conversation with Rob, Rylan expressed regret that his mum had to see him struggle through his divorce.

During a candid chat in a bar, reflecting on a particularly difficult period post-divorce in 2021, Rylan shared: "I think it was a culmination of my marriage breaking down and actually me stopping for the first time in 10 years. Then all of a sudden I had quite a big speed bump, and instead of carrying on I just sank. It was the worst experience of my life."

He continued, revealing the extent of his despair: "I just went on a downward spiral. I tried to end it. I tried to finish myself off. I didn't eat, I went down to nine stone. I'm six foot four. Rob, I looked horrendous. I'm so grateful for what I've got. I come from a council house. Like, I'm not saying we were on the breadline because we was not on the breadline, but we didn't have a lot."

"But in those moments and even to this day, if I had to give it all up, to not have to put my mum through what I put her through when I got ill? Fine, take it. It was horrendous. She's a 70 year old woman. And she had to watch her successful son literally disintegrate."

Rylan with his mum Linda ( Image: Instagram) -Credit:Instagram
Rylan with his mum Linda ( Image: Instagram) -Credit:Instagram

The two celebrities continued to discuss break-ups, with Rylan adding: "What has it taught us? Nothing is forever unless it is right."

He noted, revealing his newfound perspective: "I have no limits now, nothing phases me."

Rylan and Rob are currently participating in a contemporary version of The Grand Tour, famously associated with the young nobility of the 18th Century as part of their historical tradition.

This obligatory rite involved a journey across Europe where these young men would immerse themselves in its culture, and architecture, also embarking on a voyage of self-discovery.

In their own 2024 variation of the tour, Rylan and Rob go on fun blind dates set up for them, something which Rylan admits is an uncommon occurrence in his life.

He stated optimistically: "Hopefully my luck with men is about to change. I always thought when you were younger 'imagine if you were known, you would be able to get anyone you want'. It's the complete opposite. I've had two dates in the last two years."

"One of them was really, really great and was going well. And then my job was just too much for his life. And then the other one was so interested in my job, he decided to call the press. So they're the two opposite ends of the spectrum. I need somebody in the middle that can deal with it, but don't want it."

Later, the duo don theatrical masks, a nod to the practices of 18th-century young nobles. Rylan likens the masks to his habit of wearing fake tan and makeup on TV and in public.

Rylan split from his husband in 2021 ( Image: ITV This Morning) -Credit:ITV This Morning
Rylan split from his husband in 2021 ( Image: ITV This Morning) -Credit:ITV This Morning

Arguing that his TV and radio character, adored by millions, is a mere "caricature" of his true self, he revealed: "For me wearing a mask, whether it's a massive mask that covers my entire face or whether it's foundation, concealer and bronzer, to me that makes me feel better about facing the world. Why? Because I fell into this trap like I've created this almost caricature of what people expect me to be like."

"I'm very much two people, so everyone knows me as Rylan - has a laugh, big teeth, wears a bit of makeup - a lot of makeup - and is just that presenter off the Telly or that idiot off the Telly. Whereas actually at home I'm Ross. Ross is who I grew up as. Rylan's my job. Ross is the one that sits at home with a tracksuit and a Peroni in my hand so I am very different."

He added defiantly, "So you can take the pi** out of my teeth and you can say I look orange, but at the end of the day when I wipe it all off, Ross isn't bruised, Rylan takes the battering, that's how I deal with it."

Rylan views this BBC series as a restart in life, where they roam across Venice, Rome, and Florence.

The trip mirrors the grand journey of romantic poet Lord Byron, with this year marking the 200th anniversary of his passing.

Earlier this year, Rylan made a documentary examining homophobia in football and why he still feels uncomfortable attending matches of his favourite team, West Ham.

In his autobiography published in September 2022, he revealed a low point in his life when he attempted suicide.

However, he sought help and has since bounced back, maintaining his popularity by hosting his own Radio 2 show and being part of the BBC's Eurovision coverage this weekend.

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