Rylan's Hot Mess Summer launches with brutal 'betrayal' for contestants

Rylan Clark's new Prime Video reality series began with some harsh words for the contestants from their loved ones.

Rylan - Hot Mess Summer. (Prime Video)
Hot Mess Summer had a brutal shock in store for contestants. (Prime Video)

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Rylan Clark's new reality series Hot Mess Summer launched with a brutal moment for its contestants as they were confronted with what their friends really thought of them - and it was difficult for them to hear.

The Prime Video series, which began streaming on Wednesday, sees a group of hard partying Brits head to Zante for what they believe will be a summer of fun, but once there they discover that their friends have nominated them to work hard running a bar in the hope that they will change their ways.

Contestants have the chance to scoop a £60,000 cash prize if they stick out the summer, but one looked ready to go home and have it out with his friends just minutes into the first episode.

What, how, and why?

Jay - Hot Mess Summer. (Prime Video)
Jay was furious to see what his friends had to say. (Prime Video)

Hot Mess Summer began with a sobering shock for its party-crazy contestants, who thought they were filming a series called Party Summer which they expected to be like Geordie Shore on holiday.

But after their first (and only) big night out hitting Zante's bars, host Rylan Clark brought the cast back down to earth with a thud as he revealed the real reason they were there - and the brutal opinions of some of their friends.

Rylan told them: "You guys think you're on a show called Party Summer. But I've not been entirely honest with you all. You were propping up the bar last night, but from now on you're going to be working behind it."

One contestant, Jay, looked immediately unimpressed as he said: "I don't even find this funny. No, I really don't. I cancelled a holiday for this."

Jay - Hot Mess Summer. (Prime Video)
Jay was told he would have to work for the summer. (Prime Video)

But things were about to get much worse for Jay as Clark added: "But guys, there's more to tell you...your friends have nominated you guys to come to this experience. The reason they've done this is because frankly they are fed up of your behaviour on nights out. Jay, I heard you say, 'my friends wouldn't do this to me'. Well, let's find out who did."

He then screened a video of two of Jay's friends saying: "Jay, I'm nominating you because I've had enough of you being snobby and stuck up and thinking you're better than everyone else. He describes himself as boujis, he thinks he is the best person in the room. He could be in the room with the King and still think that.

"Jay, stop being a snob, we can't all be bank rolled by mummy and daddy."

Hot Mess Summer. (Prime Video)
The Hot Mess Summer cast were shocked to learn the truth. (Prime Video)

Jay looked furious as he said: "I'm actually going to cry. I'm not crying because I'm upset, I'm crying because I'm angry. I like who I am, I couldn't give a f*** what anyone else thinks."

Other contestants saw their friends accusing them of being selfish and annoying as they gave their reasons for sending them to Zante - leaving some red faces amongst the cast.

Amin said: "I feel very betrayed. I didn't think they would do that to me at all," while Liv added: "I feel like Rylan's lied to me, my grandma's lied to me, everyone's lied to me. They can all p*** off."

What else happened on Hot Mess Summer?

Rylan and Lee - Hot Mess Summer. (Prime Video)
Rylan introduced the cast to their new boss, Lee. (Prime Video)

Clark has revealed the drama of the contestants seeing their friends slate them was definitely not just put on for the cameras, as he said some of them tried to go home after finding out what they were really doing in Zante.

Talking to Radio Times about their reactions, he said: "We had walkouts, we had people demanding flights home. It all went on - but it's exactly what we expected.

"One of the contestants, Jay, he took it really hard because it was their friends and family that nominated them.

"In TV these days, you sit there and go, 'I don't believe that, there's no way they never knew.' They never knew, and it's very evident with the reactions that we got."

Hot Mess Summer streams on Prime Video.

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