S Club 7′s Tina Barrett Welcomes A Baby Boy

We’re sending huge congratulations and love to S Club 7 singer Tina Barrett, who has welcomed her first child, a little baby boy, with her partner of three years, Paul Cashmore.


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Tina had been on bump-watch on her social media throughout her pregnancy, sharing updates and photos of her bump with her followers.

Last night (June 20), the singer announced the exciting news that the couple had welcomed a baby boy and given him a lovely, if unusual, name.

Tina, 39, tweeted: “Proud and excited to announce the arrival of my beautiful baby boy Roman”, followed by blue hearts, a baby bottle and celebratory emojis.


Earlier this month, the singer spoke to the MailOnline about her pregnancy, explaining: “It’s amazing. I’m loving every minute of it. I’ve been prepared for the worst because you hear stories, but it’s been really good. I feel very lucky.

“People do say when you’re late 30s, 40s that is it more difficult and you could have complications. That was always in the back of my head when we decided to try for a baby.

“Luckily we conceived naturally and it’s been absolutely fine. Had we not, it would have been really tough. Things have changed so much because so many women are having babies older now. I think I would have looked into IVF if we had experienced difficulties.”

Congratulations again, Tina and Paul!