Sabrina Carpenter Fans Finally 'Understand' The Hype Over Her Boyfriend, And I'm Busting Out The Popcorn For The Marvel-Related Comments

 Sabrina Carpenter in her new music video "Feather".
Sabrina Carpenter in her new music video "Feather".

Barry Keoghan has certainly been on the come up over the past several years, as the Irish actor has landed roles in some major films. All the while, he’s also earned notoriety due to his reported relationship with pop star Sabrina Carpenter. The two just made headlines amid the release of Carpenter’s latest music video, which put Keoghan in handcuffs. And, as that video continues to go viral, it would seem that many now seem to “understand” the hype surrounding the songstress’ boyfriend. What’s really making me break out my popcorn, though, are the Marvel-related comments that some people have shared.

It’s interesting to think that the The Banshees of Inisherin actor is only now seemingly getting praise from a wider audience. Still, it would seem that his appearance in the video for “Please Please Please” has swayed a number of people over to his side. In it, Sabrina Carpenter is released from jail and, while fixing her lipstick, she spots another offender (played by Barry Keoghan) being placed in a cell of his own. From there, viewers see the up-and-down relationship between their two characters play out. Needless to say, it’s a perfect showcase not only for Carpenter but for Keoghan as well. Check out a clip shared by TikTok user @ellegruwell:

The comments of this post are flooded with comments that are very complimentary of the Rebellion alum. It's particularly funny to see a comment like the one belonging to @alleverdreamer, who said that the songstress has now “really made me understand” the hype surrounding the rising Hollywood star. Sentiments from others definitely seem to align with that thought, but a portion of commenters say they’ve understood the appeal for some time. With that, many are saying that their appreciation for the star can be attributed to his performance in Marvel Studios’ Eternals:

  • He’s BEEN hot have yall not seen Eternals? - @allyissuperhot

  • Some of you didn't watch Eternals, and it shows. HE [HAS] ALWAYS BEEN SO DAMN FINE -

  • Proud to say i’ve understood since Eternals like did yall not hear that man say my beautiful beautiful Makkari? - @emi.lyjordan

  • [What] do you mean😭😭 Did we all move past "my beautiful beautiful makari" too fast? this man's always been fine 😭😭😭 - @cinnamongrl_xo

  • After watching Eternals, I KNEW he was the it boy! - @salmakarenjalakala

  • I understood in eternals & lost my understanding in saltburn & now i understand again. - @boo.spookybitch

One of the more unique entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eternals focuses on the titular group of cosmic beings, who must defend Earth from the vicious deviants. Barry Keoghan plays the enigmatic Druig, who has the power to control people’s minds. Notably, the character also becomes disillusioned with his cohort’s goal to stay out of human conflicts that don’t directly involve their aforementioned foes. The star plays the role in a relatively subtle way, and his charm shines through. That's especially true whenever he’s on screen with Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari.

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Barry Keoghan in Saltburn bathtub scene
Barry Keoghan in Saltburn bathtub scene

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It’s honestly not hard to see why so many have gotten in on the fandom surrounding the actor, regardless of whether it was prompted by Sabrina Carpenter’s video or his MCU debut. He’s proven to be one of the most interesting stars in all of Hollywood over the past several years, intriguing fans with his sweet fits and endearingly quirky personality. And, of course, he’s an impeccable actor, who’s shown off his strong acting chops on more than a few occasions. In addition to his roles in the aforementioned productions, he also has acclaimed films like Dunkirk, The Killing of the Sacred Deer, The Batman and Saltburn (for which he did a NSFW gravesite scene and more) under his belt. The 31-year-old has even made a dent in TV with Love/Hate, Chernobyl and Masters of the Air.

Needless to say, Barry Keoghan is on a roll, and I’m happy to see him getting his flowers. Sabrina Carpenter’s music video may do a lot to boost his public profile, yet I truly smile knowing that his MCU film is what helped put him on so many fans’ radar. It’s unclear whether Eternals 2 is happening, but I’m sure some would flock to the theaters for a chance to see Keoghan as Druig again.

You can check out his performance for yourself by streaming Eternals for yourself with a Disney+ subscription, which will also allow you to stream the Marvel movies in order.