Sacha Baron Cohen Slags Off British Celebrity Heroes

Sacha Baron Cohen has laid into a string of English celebrities from Kate Winslet to Chris Martin, Liam Gallagher, Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, One Direction and Ed Sheeran.

It’s all in the name of comedy though.

Sacha, 44, slagged off the stars while being interviewed as his new film character Nobby Butcher – a lager-swilling football obsessive who will make his cinema debut in Grimsby, which gets its world premiere tonight in London.

Sacha, above, and as his latest creation Nobby, below middle

‘Nobby’ shared his views on today’s most famous face while being interviewed in character by The Sun newspaper.

Enjoy his summaries below.

(But remember they got off light – the plot of Grimsby is said to involve either the Queen or Daniel Radcliffe contract HIV.)

Kate Winslet

“She really is an English rose – one of them battered, droopy ones from petrol station that are well past their best.”

Chris Martin & Coldplay

“Hate the band, hate the music, can’t help feeling really sorry for him over what happened with Gwyneth – poor bloke, tragically not breaking up with her for nearly 15 years. Still, it had a happy ending.”

Liam Gallagher

“His story is truly inspirational – it shows young kids that it don’t matter if you come from a really rough background, it’s still possible for you to end up off yer t**s most of the time and have multiple kids with different mothers.”

Wayne Rooney

“If he weren’t a multi-millionaire, things would have turned out very differently for him and I bet that right now he’d probably be shacked up with someone who’s a bit of minger, betting on horses and getting it on with some rough old prossie.”

David Beckham

“I can relate to him – like me he’s got a lot of tattoos he clearly had done when he were s***-faced and, also like me, he seems to spend most of his time in just his underpants.”

One Direction

“Just think, these four young lads could have just ended up like so many others, doing nothing on the dole. But tragically that didn’t happen and instead they inflict this terrible music on us. That said, me girlfriend really fancies that Harry bloke and would love to have an abortion with him.”

Ed Sheeran

“Impressive that he chooses not to have a disabled badge on his car despite having ginger hair.”