Sadiq Khan heckled by Britain First candidate just moments into victory speech

Sadiq Khan’s victory speech was interrupted by boos and heckling as he was re-elected Mayor of London for a historic third term.

Britain First candidate Nick Scanlon stormed across the stage at City Hall chanting “Khan killed London” after the Labour politician officially bagged the second-largest majority in the history of the London mayoralty.

Mr Khan only managed to say “Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you London” before the outbreak, which included boos from onlookers.

Those gathered at City Hall were warned that security would remove people who disrupted the speeches and there was no further disruption.

Britain First candidate Nick Scanlon heckles as Sadiq Khan speaks on the day of the results of the London mayoral election (REUTERS)
Britain First candidate Nick Scanlon heckles as Sadiq Khan speaks on the day of the results of the London mayoral election (REUTERS)

Speaking to London following his historic win Mr Khan called for a general election and apologised to his family for the “frightening” threats and protests outside their home they have endured while he has been in office.

The Mayor of London said: “For the last eight years London has been swimming against the tide of a Tory government and now with a Labour party that is ready to govern again under Keir Starmer it is time for Rishi Sunak to give the public a choice.

“A general election wouldn’t just pave the path for a new direction for our country, it will make bold action Londoners want to see a reality.”

The Labour incumbent won 1,088,225 votes – a majority of 275,828 over his main rival, Tory candidate Susan Hall.

Mr Khan continued: "A special thank you goes to my mum, everything she's done for me. I love you. And to my amazing wife, Saadiya, and our daughters Anisah and Ammarah, for their strength and support throughout all these years.

"I know there have been times when this job has taken a toll on you. But that's not right, or fair.

"Some of the stuff on social media, the protests by our home, the threats. It's upsetting, it's frightening and it's wrong. I'm truly sorry for putting you through this.

"But I also know, you share my belief as hard as it can be sometimes, this work is worth doing because it means being able to give to other families the same life-changing opportunities that this wonderful city has extended to ours. I love you all so much."

Conservative candidate Susan Hall, who won fewer votes than her Tory predecessor Shaun Bailey achieved in 2021, later called on Mr Khan to make reforming the Metropolitan Police and making London safe his top priority.

She said: “He owes it to the families of those thousand people who have lost lives to knife crime under his mayoralty.

“I hope too that he stops patronising people like me who care. This isn’t an episode of the wire this is real life on his watch.

“I will continue to hold Sadiq to account, to stand up for the hard-working families, to motorists and for women.”