Sadiq Khan: I would pay if I saw somebody shoplifting nappies

Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan said he would ensure that school meals for all state primary school children remained free permanently - Victoria Jones/PA

Sadiq Khan has said he would pay for shoplifted goods if he saw somebody stealing nappies from a supermarket.

The Mayor of London said that seeing tags on baby products in response to people stealing them “upsets” him, adding that if he saw someone taking such items he would pay on their behalf.

In an interview with The Big Issue magazine, Mr Khan was asked what he would do if he encountered someone shoplifting essentials such as baby food.

The Labour mayor said: “That’s a situation that I’m afraid has increased in the last three years with the cost of living crisis.

“What upsets me is the tags you have now, on nappies and baby foods, because of the issue that is in relation to somebody who is shoplifting.

“In the hypothetical case, I suspect I’ll take my wallet out, and I would pay for it.”

Accused rival of meals U-turn

The mayor, who is seeking a third term in office, has pledged to end rough sleeping in the capital by 2030 “in partnership with a Labour government”.

He has also said that if he were to win in next month’s local elections, he would ensure that school meals for all state primary school children remained free permanently.

Mr Khan on Tuesday accused Susan Hall, his Tory rival, of making “a U-turn live on-air” over free school meals for all primary pupils.

Asked on LBC if she would commit to the policy, Ms Hall said: “Yes I did, and I actually committed to it before Sadiq Khan did, so there’s no question.

“I did, and that has been documented, I’ve agreed it’s going ahead for another year.”

The Conservative mayoral candidate was reminded of comments she made earlier in April that universal free meals could be providing food for “millionaires’ children” and “there is no such thing as a free meal”.

Ms Hall replied: “Nevertheless, I’ve said I’ll continue it and I will for another year.”

In another heated exchange between the two rivals, Mr Khan called Ms Hall “the most dangerous candidate I have ever come across”.

Third mayoral election

He made the remark after she reiterated previous apologies about her use of social media, having liked posts calling Mr Khan a “traitor rat” and another post referring to him as the “mayor of Londonistan”.

Asked whether he would feel safe in London if Ms Hall were to win the election, he said: “I fought three council elections. I’ve fought three parliamentary elections. This is my third mayoral election. The Tory candidate is the most dangerous candidate I fought against.”

Ms Hall said that his claim was “outrageous”.

A Susan Hall campaign source said: “Sadiq Khan does not deserve to win the historic third term he covets.

“After eight years Sadiq Khan has done nothing but ignore Londoners, sitting back whilst violent crime soars by a third. He has hammered families with a £4,500-a-year tax, the Ulez, and is now plotting to hit Londoners with pay-per-mile.

“He has been nothing but a failure and our great city deserves so much better.”