Safest and most scenic retirement destination for Britons has amazing healthcare

TRAVEL: Christchurch
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As UK living costs skyrocket, Brits are eyeing an overseas move for their golden years - but where is the ideal spot to settle?

Experts from Penknife have hailed New Zealand as the prime refuge for pensioned expats, citing its superior safety and happiness markers over Blighty.

Life in New Zealand promises a chill vibe with bountiful nature to adore for those keen on a serene lifestyle.

A staple experience is the South Islands Milford Sound, framed by majestic fjords; one visitor gushed on Tripadvisor, Well worth the trip!

Milford Sound is spectacular, reports the Express.

The Land of the Long White Cloud beckons with its stunning vistas, creating a perfect backdrop for retirees looking to stay active with regular treks.

For an extra kick of adrenaline, older adventurers can take up white water rafting or sail the skies paragliding.

Kayaking also ranks high among the activities keeping Kiwis at peak fitness, contributing to their status as some of the world's healthiest people.

This Pacific Eden boasts impressively low stats in violent crime and theft, offering peace of mind to residents.

While largely safe, booze buffs should be wary of liquor ban zones where sipping spirits could slap them with a fine.

Expat drivers from the UK can breathe easy as well - New Zealand's cars stick to the left lane, just like back home.

Additionally, healthcare here is top-notch, earning New Zealand the crown for best retiree medical provision globally.

The majority of British expats in New Zealand tend to reside in the country's cities, where essential services are readily available.

Christchurch is often touted as one of the best cities for retirees due to its safety and lower cost of living compared to other major cities.

Nestled on South Island, Christchurch is a haven for cyclists, boasting numerous bike paths along the riverbanks.

The city also offers an abundance of green spaces and an English-style square, providing a sense of familiarity for British expats.

New Zealand's climate is temperate, with temperatures varying across the country and skiing opportunities in certain areas.

The east of the country experiences the driest weather, while the north enjoys the warmest temperatures. However, despite these positives, British expats must consider the distance from their families back in the UK.

Flights can be costly, and this should be factored into any decision to relocate.