Sainsbury's shoppers furious as deliveries fail to arrive - store working to resolve issue

A Sainsbury's branch
Sainsbury's has said sorry -Credit:Getty Images

Shoppers have been left furious after their supermarket online deliveries failed to arrive following a technical hitch. This is the second time in weeks that Sainsbury's customers have faced problems with their internet shop.

Dozens have taken to social media to get answers after they say they have been left without their groceries. Many say their payments have not been taken and it has left them unsure of what to do.

Sainsbury's has apologised for the problem saying it is a "tech issue". Writing on X, formerly Twitter, the store representative told one customer: "I’m really sorry about the tech issues this morning. We’re aware of the situation and are working to sort it as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we’d advise you to place a new order for a future date."

It later said the issue had been resolved. In a statement a Sainsbury’s spokesperson said, "We have fixed a small technical issue which has affected some groceries online orders this morning. We have contacted these customers directly to apologise for the inconvenience.”

Customers posting on X said they had been left without deliveries with many saying they had tried to get through to customer services only to have their call cut or been unable to get through.

Akemi was one of many who were unhappy at the lack of information. They said: "Why on earth am I along with everyone else finding out from Twitter that my delivery is cancelled? Just sat waiting for it for an hour. Why is Sainsbury's so useless?" Sainsbury's replied: "I'm really sorry your order has been cancelled. You'll be receiving an email with evoucher and details on how to rebook shortly."

Nievey tagged the store on the social media site writing: "Please help - have called your customer care team but get cut off. Delivery due today between 9am and 10am, but nothing so far. No confirmation email either and my credit card has not been charged."

Jo said: "I've called about 8 times to locate my missing delivery, every time I get to where you say "your call is important to us" you cut me off! Not so important then? No options to get assistance other than to come here and publicly complain. Rubbish customer service."

Emma said: "‘Your call is important to us.’ So why does it immediately cut out?" Mary said: "It would have been nice to receive a phone call or a text, instead I had to come here to find out what had happened to my order."

Mary asked: "Where's my delivery? Have called and been hung up on so many times , no explanation, just no delivery is this the standards I am to expect from the company?"

Audrey said: "I pay to have deliveries Tues wed Thurs free so if I have to book another day I won't expect to pay delivery charge. Its annoying as I have no bread or salad stuff which I eat every day!"

Cecilia added: "That does it..having spent over 25,000£ shopping with @sainsburys online I'm going back to Tesco."

Sainsbury's faced similar problems last month. They were left apologising to customers on March 16 when they were beset with technical problems. They said at that time: "We apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused by technical issues today - thank you for bearing with us."