Saira Khan says Gemma Collins knows she should have been voted off 'Dancing on Ice'

Chris Edwards

Saira Khan has revealed that Gemma Collins knows she should have been voted off Dancing On Ice last weekend.

Khan, who was eliminated from the skating show instead, told the Loose Women panel that Collins had made the admission to her backstage after the show.

Thanks to the public vote, Collins wasn’t even in the bottom two skaters of the weekend, despite being given the lowest score (13.5 out of 40) by the judges.

Gemma Collins left in tears by ‘Dancing on Ice’ judges’ comments

Khan said: “Well yesterday, I’ve got to give credit where credit’s due. She [Collins] came to me and said, ‘I should have been in the skate-off, not you.’

“She did say that so she knows it, but it’s a TV show, it’s entertainment and people are keeping her in because whatever you think about her, I want to watch her on the ice. It’s TV vs. a skating show.”

She then got emotional on the daytime programme as she spoke about her exit from DOI, stating: ”I’m going to be really honest, I am really gutted. I genuinely am really gutted.

Collins wasn’t even in the bottom 2 despite getting the worst scores of the night

“Mark was just taking me to that next stage. And it was Fairytale Week this week so we didn’t want to do loads of dancing away from each other.

“It’s Cinderella, it’s Prince Charming, we wanted to tell a story about being lifted up in the air and in love.

“All Mark wanted to do was make me look so elegant and pretty, that was Cinderella! I was living a childhood dream of dancing.

“I was gutted when it ended. You [Mark] were bringing such emotion out of me.”

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