Sam Heughan enjoys new hobby as he takes break from Outlander filming

-Credit: (Image: Instagram/SamHeughan)
-Credit: (Image: Instagram/SamHeughan)

Sam Heughan has shown off his new fishing skills as he enjoyed a break in Aberdeenshire and some down time from filming the final season of Outlander.

The Scots actor is known to be a fan of outdoorsy activities and as he took a shot at fishing, he really had to embrace the good old Scottish weather as the heavens opened when he tried for a catch.

Taking to Instagram, Sam posted photos of him with all the gear as he waded into the river.

He penned: "Huge thank you @river_deveron! Lucky to enjoy the beauty of and the Scottish weather. (fish love the rain?) Huge thank you to @twinpeakesflyfishing for your tuition, guidance (and patience!)".

One snap shows Sam making friends with the local dog and also that he successfully bagged a fish. Fans flocked to the comments.

One penned: "Looks like you’re living the good life, brother!"

Sam waded into the river -Credit:Instagram/SamHeughan
Sam waded into the river -Credit:Instagram/SamHeughan

While one wrote: "Great pics! Beautiful location! We all want to know if you threw them back or not since you have said that's what you have done before."

And another added: "Nice place and beautiful river! What a life being outdoors! I love the lab: lucky you."

One commented: "Looks like a gorgeous estate Glad you’re taking some time to relax this weekend!"

Just last month, we reported that Sam was taking some time away from his busy schedule to soak up more of Scotland's outdoors.

Sam shared some photos and clips from his trip kayaking at the beach. "Scotland… ya BEAUTY!," he simply captioned the snaps on his Instagram page to his 4.3 million followers. He was sailing through the icy depths of the cold blue waters, as he panned the camera around to take in the idyllic scenery.

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