Sam Morril: Joker comedian praised for ‘genuinely funny’ trans quip in Netflix stand-up special

Sam Morril is being praised for a “genuinely funny” trans joke in his Netflix stand-up show.

In recent years, many comedians, including Dave Chappelle, have been criticised for making offensive jokes about trans people. This has led to a debate about what comedians should or shouldn’t discuss on stage.

In Morril’s new special, which is called Same Time Tomorrow, he addresses the subject of the trans community – and a clip of the American comic is now being used as an example of how you can do so while still making “genuinely funny jokes”.

“Sam Morril wrote an edgy hour long special on Netflix that is funny as hell yet never punches down,” Julie S Lalonde wrote on Twitter, calling it: “A brilliant antidote to the ‘Cancel Culture Killed Comedy’ crowd.”

In the clip, Morril targets a transphobic man who was “mad about the trans swimmer, Lia Thomas”, who, earlier this year, became the first openly transgender athlete to win America's top trophy in university sports.

Morril ends the discussion with a NSFW punchline that has been branded “funny as hell”. In a review of the special, Ready Steady Cut called it the “funniest” stand-up show of the year so far.

”Y'see bigots, one can make jokes about trans topics,” one viewer wrote, with another adding: “Now, this is how you make a funny trans joke, take note .”

Another viewer tweeted: “You can actually tell jokes about trans people that actually doesn’t involve the vilification and humiliation of trans people and here is proof that it can be done.”

Sam Morril in his comedy special on Netflix (Netflix)
Sam Morril in his comedy special on Netflix (Netflix)

Morril, who is a regular on Comedy Central’s This Week at the Comedy Cellar, had a small role in Todd Phillips’s Joker, playing a comedian at an open mic night.

His special is available to stream on Netflix now.