Sam Neill Humiliated By 13-Year-Old Co-Star On The One Show

You know that old saying about working with children and animals? It must’ve been bouncing around Hollywood actor Same Neill’s head for quite some time after he was brutally mocked by 13-year-old co-star Julian Dennison on live TV.

The veteran Jurassic Park actor buried his head in his hands when the show’s presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones quizzed Julian during an interview to plug their new movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

Sam Neil
Sam Neil

“To be honest, I’d never heard of Sam,” the cocky kid explained when asked how he felt when landing the part alongside the 69-year-old Jurassic Park star. “I did search him up on Google, looked on his Wikipedia and I saw that he was in Jurassic Park and I’m like “ah cool.”

“Have you seen Jurassic Park?” asked Matt Baker, in a bid to get the conversation back on track. Julian’s brilliant reply: “I’ve seen about half of it – fell asleep.”



Viewers were instantly charmed by the funny 13-year-old, and took to social media in droves to praise his performance, with one fan calling him “beyond cool.”

Julian also had the audience hooting with laughter at an unenthusiastic quip about balancing his schoolwork with his acting. “Er, yeah school,’ he said hesitantly. “Yeah, they support me and they help me with work.

“I’m going to take the last three years off acting to concentrate with school.”

Hunt for the Wilderpeople, the story of a manhunt sparked when Julian and Sam’s characters go missing in the New Zealand bush, is out in cinemas on Friday.

Judging by his One Show performance, Julian is definitely one to watch.