Samantha Womack on being cancer free just five months after diagnosis

Samantha Womack has spoken out about being cancer free and says she is supporting the nurses strike.

Video transcript

SAMATHA WOMACK: [INAUDIBLE], because obviously that word cancer sends tremors through you and your family's psyche. But actually the minute you start on that journey, you're just surrounded by people who've been on a similar journey. Lots of people were reaching out to me on social media.

Hundreds and hundreds of women, and men, it's important to say that men, get breast cancer too. But the shocking thing is that actually women should be checking themselves in their 20s and 30s. There's a huge amount of women that contacted me to, yeah, to pass that message on, if you can check yourself earlier.

It's not just something that affects women of a certain age, it's actually men and women. So any checks you can do could be life saving. Mine was a random check.

And I got it very early. So I'm really lucky. And I never check myself. I've just been so strong most of my life. So I was really fortunate that I just happened to do that when I did.