Samira Mighty hopes 'Love Island' appearance opens the door for more diversity

Samira Mighty on 'Love Island.'
Samira Mighty on ‘Love Island.’

Former Love Island competitor Samira Mighty directly addresses the diversity controversy surrounding her Love Island appearance on Channel 4’s final episode of The Big Narstie Show.

Speaking with comedian Mo Gilligan, their conversation includes:

Mo Gilligan: Samira, they didn’t really show you in the hideaway with Frankie.

Samira Mighty: Yeah that was so weird, when I came out, I was like what? Because it was a proper big thing in the house. It was big. I hadn’t had anyone romantic in there and then there was the hideaway and Dani was getting me in some silk pyjamas, because usually I just wear trackies with stains on it, do you know what I mean? Who do I need to impress? It was just really exciting and then they didn’t show it and I was like, cool.

Mo Gilligan: Because there was a lot of people on social media who said you weren’t getting enough air time.

Samira Mighty: I don’t know, maybe I just wasn’t loyal boo.

Mo Gilligan: You know what Samira, look down the camera and let them know how you feel. [The producers of Love Island]


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Samira Mighty: [Looks directly into camera] So hun… Why did I not get shown in the hideaway? It was a big thing for me. I’m Samira Mighty and I don’t get played like that.

Mo Gilligan: Do you think that the show needs a bit more diversity? You were on the show and you were a huge character on it.

Samira Mighty: Well when I went in the show, obviously I come out and do the picking and that and I turn around and I’m like “OK I’m the only black girl on the show” – fine. But I genuinely wanted to do the show so others could do it as well and not feel scared that they’re going to be type casted to be anything. I hope that other ethnicities and different bodies can be like, “you know what, I do want to do reality TV and I don’t have to be this type of way. That’s the reason why I did it.

Love Island has predominantly featured white contestants throughout its four seasons. This year’s Love Island was no different, and received widespread criticism for lacking in both race and body diversity.

This criticism was particularly aired on social media…

In addition, Samira’s budding romance with Frankie Foster appeared to be heavily edited out of Love Island.

The show also came under fire for airing cosmetic surgery advertisements during the show. The NHS has voiced concern over how these can have a negative effect on viewers’ mental health, particularly concerning teenagers.

Samira Mighty will appear on The Big Narstie Show, Friday at 11:05pm on Channel 4. Available to catch up on All 4.

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