Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Beats Apple’s iPhone At British Gadget Awards

Wins Gadget of the Year

Galaxy S6 Edge (Pocket-Lint)
Galaxy S6 Edge (Pocket-Lint)

A hi-tech Samsung handset with a unique curved screen has beaten Apple’s iPhone 6S in the prestigious Pocket-Lint awards.

The Android smartphone won both phone of the year and gadget of the year.

Apple won awards for its Watch, in the best wearable category, and for iPad mini, in the best tablet category.

The Samsung handset won rave reviews when it launched in the UK in March this year, with cutting-edge chips and a hi-res screen which bends at the edges.

Gadget site Pocket-Lint said, ‘The "standard" Galaxy S6, with its new metal build, was considered an impressive design push for the flagship range. The S6 edge, on the other hand, is an extravagant foray into capturing the imagination of public and pundits alike by showing off just how far design can be pushed.

‘When design is done correctly it fuses aesthetics with functionality. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge does exactly that; it's a phone that turns heads, rightfully reinforcing its position as one of the most enticing flagships on the market and the most exciting phone we've seen for some generations.’