San Diego Humane Society Rescues Three-Month-Old Puppies Stuck in Ravine

Two terrier mix puppies were doing well after being rescued from a ravine near San Diego, California, on Friday, September 15, the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) said.

SDHS said rescuers were called to the 28000 block of Murphy Canyon Road just after noon on Friday by a “good Samaritan” who had spotted two puppies stuck at the bottom of the ravine.

Six members of the SDHS Emergency Response Team’s Technical Unit attended the site and safely rappelled down the ravine to retrieve the puppies.

It was not clear how the dogs, estimated to be three-month-old terrier mixes, ended up at the bottom of the ravine. Credit: San Diego Humane Society via Storyful

Video transcript

- A male.

- She's tiny.

- Yeah, she's cute.

- And-- and that's-- that's grass.

- Hi. Hi, guys. How are you doing? Oh. Hi, buddy. Hi.

- Any minis?

- Oh. You're OK. Hey. There's your sister. It's OK.

- Here we go.

- Perfect.

- You're OK, cuties. Don't touch me on your back. Better.

- I can wipe myself.

- Baby.

- Goodbye.

- [INAUDIBLE] back.

- Yeah, you're so cute.

- I'm just gonna take [INAUDIBLE].


- Oh.

- Oh, yeah, just [INAUDIBLE].

- Looks like they're in pretty good health. Just a little skin irritation. So we can give them a little bath, and give them all their vaccines, and dewormers, and--

- Perfect.


- That's it?

- That's it.

- OK.

- Oh, again, usually if you--

- Oh, good.

- Good girl.

- So brave.

- So brave.

- Good girl.

- Hey.

- Good job.

- OK, sounds good. Thank you.

- Good job, yay!

- Such good puppies. Oh. [LAUGHS]

- Yeah.

- They'll feel so free.

- This is going home--

- Goodnight, puppy. You're just so cute.

- Good job, buddy.

- Aw.

- You did so good.