Sandra Oh and Awkwafina Share Kooky Ideas for Potential “Quiz Lady” Sequel: 'Another Dimension' (Exclusive)

"Jenny and Anne do 'The Amazing Race,' " Oh tells PEOPLE of an idea for a second movie to follow their hit 2023 comedy

<p>Michele K Short/20th Century Studios</p> Awkwafina and Sandra Oh in

Michele K Short/20th Century Studios

Awkwafina and Sandra Oh in 'Quiz Lady'

Bring on more Quiz Lady!

Ahead of the upcoming Emmy Awards nominations being revealed, Sandra Oh and Awkwafina chatted with PEOPLE about their hit 2023 Hulu sister comedy and shared that they'd be down to make a sequel — or anything together.

"I would f------ love that," says Oh, 52, who recently starred in The Sympathizer on HBO and is currently appearing in a production of The Welkin Off-Broadway.

In Quiz Lady, Awkwafina and Oh portray polar opposite sibling duo Anne and Jenny Yum. Anne — a shy, game-show-obsessed creature of habit — teams up with her flamboyant, impulsive older sister Jenny to save their dog and pay off their mother’s gambling debts.

"I would love seeing Jenny and Anne's adventures, man," Oh tells PEOPLE, pitching one idea for a potential follow-up film, "Jenny and Anne do The Amazing Race."

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<p>Michele K Short/20th Century Studios</p> Sandra Oh and Awkwafina in 'Quiz Lady'

Michele K Short/20th Century Studios

Sandra Oh and Awkwafina in 'Quiz Lady'

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While Awkwafina, 36, says she isn't sure "where the story would go" after the first film, she would "of course" do a sequel and thinks she and Oh "could pull it off, for sure."

"I would literally give my arms to work with Sandra again," says the Crazy Rich Asians actress, whose real name is Nora Lum. "She's such an amazing collaborator. She's taught me so much."

"And if it's not this, we should just take these characters and just put them in another dimension or something, like a Bill and Ted's kind of thing," Awkwafina adds.

"Anne and Jenny are the two civilians who go up in space on some sci-fi thing," Oh continues. "There's so many [ideas]. It could go on and on and on. I just feel the energy."

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Monica Schipper/Getty From L: <em>Quiz Lady</em>'s Awkwafina, Sandra Oh and director Jessica Yu in Los Angeles on May 6, 2023
Monica Schipper/Getty From L: Quiz Lady's Awkwafina, Sandra Oh and director Jessica Yu in Los Angeles on May 6, 2023

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Directed by Jessica Yu and written by Jen D'Angelo, Quiz Lady has had an emotional impact on both of its stars — including in the way fans have reacted to the story.

"People will come up to me and be like, 'Oh my God, Quiz Lady was so good,' " says Awkwafina. "There was this one interaction where a woman was really emotional about it and said that it really reminded her ... a lot of people just say that it reminded them of their sisters."

"And I think that relatability is ... there's nothing more you can ask for," she adds.

As someone with a sister of her own, Oh says, "The fact that [Quiz Lady] really resonates with anyone who has a sibling, or who understands that kind of dynamic with someone who's very close to them, that's where I feel like Nora and I did our job."

Quiz Lady is now streaming on Hulu.

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