Santa spotted spreading joy all over the globe

STORY: Where has Santa Claus been this week?

Locator: Venice, Italy

Santas in Venice swapped their sleighs for gondolas to row down the Grand Canal

as part of the 12th edition of the city's annual Christmas regatta


Locator: Sofia, Bulgaria

Bikers dressed as Santa Claus rode through Bulgaria’s capital

collecting money for an orphanage and delivering presents to passers-by

(Krum Vachkov, Santa Ride organiser)

"The initiative is being held for the eighth time now and the idea of Santa Clauses on bikes is to bring more smiles (to people)."

Locator: Caracas, Venezuela

Hundreds of Santas ran through the streets of Caracas

as part of ‘Santa Corre,’ an annual 10km fun run

Locator: Rome, Italy

Hundreds of Italians dressed as Santa Claus rode bicycles around Rome

to raise money for sick children and their families

Locator: Tokyo, Japan

And these Santas rode through central Tokyo on Harley-Davidson motorbikes

to deliver toys and candy to kids at four different children’s homes