Santander issues payment alert to customers after major online transactions problems

Santander, in Nottingham city centre
-Credit: (Image: Mike Egerton/PA Wire)

Santander customers have been alerted to an ongoing issue regarding online transactions, which has disrupted services for over 24 hours already. On Saturday morning (June 29), a customer contacted the bank enquiring, "Is there still a problem regarding online transactions?"

They added: "I paid suppliers yesterday afternoon and the money showed as sent but they haven't received payment yet." Replying to the query, a bank spokesperson confirmed, "Yes some payments are still being affected."

They advised not to retry any payments because a queue was already in process and they would be attended to shortly while extending apologies for the widespread inconvenience caused.

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In response to the worried customer's plea for a rough timeline to communicate to their staff for wage payments, the customer support team couldn't provide exact timescales and reiterated their apologies for the troubles. Another Santander client reported a pending transaction that was supposed to clear at 1pm the previous day.

The current status of all the bank's services as displayed on its official website is "available as normal", which includes mobile and online banking. A recent episode of the BBC Martin Lewis podcast spotlighted savings accounts where Mr Lewis shared his recommendations, reports the Express.

Speaking of the 5.5% Member Exclusive Online Bond offered by Nationwide, Mr Lewis explained that it has a special advantage for those nearing retirement.

The 18-month fixed-rate account pays interest at the end of the term, something the Money Saving Expert believes could benefit older Britons.

He stated clearly: "The interest crystalises for tax purposes when you can access it."

Essentially, if one didn't want to receive the interest this year due to higher earnings - perhaps because they're retiring - securing an account that only pays out and allows access next year would effectively defer the interest to the following tax year.

Mr. Lewis finished by saying: "Therefore that might be beneficial to you."