Sarah Beeny hailed inspiration for positive attitude to breast cancer treatment

Viewers were inspired by the TV presenter's confident and hopeful approach to her diagnosis in the light of medical advancements.

Pictured: Sarah Beeny in the middle with 4 heads stands with wigs on looking sideways at the heads - Sarah Beeny Vs Cancer (Channel 4)
Sarah Beeny impressed with her positive attitude in Sarah Beeny Vs Cancer. (Channel 4)

Sarah Beeny has been hailed an inspitation for her positive attitude to battling breast cancer in her new TV documentary.

The Property Ladder star, 51, shared her cancer journey in Channel 4 show Sarah Beeny Vs Cancer.

The documentary followed the TV presenter, her husband Graham and four sons as she underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, before being declared cancer-free in April 2023.

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Viewers were inspired by her confident and hopeful approach to treatment - which has improve massively since Beeny lost her own mother to breast cancer aged 39, when Beeny was just 10.

arah Beeny and Graham Swift in their kitchen sitting on stools drinking tea/coffee - Sarah Beeny Vs Cancer (Channel 4)
Sarah Beeny and husband Graham Swift shared their family's approach to her diagnosis in the film. (Channel 4)

One tweeted: "Really appreciated your honesty in the film. I am newly diagnosed and about to have mastectomy then chemo which I am more than terrified of. You have helped reassure me it can be done!"

Another said: "So many women fear breast cancer in an era where we have seen so many friends, colleagues and family members fight it. What a brilliant honest insight to living it. Thank you for bringing hope and strength to many."

One shared: "Amazing messages from you and your family living with cancer. As someone who has been there and done it, your documentary will empower so many people to realise we can beat cancer. Thank you to you and all your family."

Another posted: "An excellent documentary Sarah well done. I feel you captured a journey with BC very honestly but without making it overdramatic or scary to others. Felt your path very similar to my own, 7 chemo sessions, mastectomy, radiotherapy, tough but doable, even with 3 young children."

Pictured: Sarah Beeny sideways on no hair blue lighting - Sarah Beeny Vs Cancer (Channel 4)
Sarah Beeny gave an open and honest account of her treatment in Sarah Beeny Vs Cancer. (Channel 4)

And another tweeted: "Hi Sarah, I enjoyed watching tonight. Sorry for what you have been through. I think you are so right to celebrate the advances and improvements in breast cancer care. We need similar investment in other cancers eg most brain tumour survival have not improved in yrs. x"

Beeny said: "Thanks for watching - The research was done by a tiny team of me and my producer/director Jonney and producer Angie, for a documentary where we wanted share the fact that treatments are improving all the time. My treatment was all done by the amazing NHS we are so lucky to have."

She revealed in August 2022 she had been diagnosed with the disease after doctors found three grade 3 lumps in her left breast, which she described as "the most active" type.

Beeny admitted she had always expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer after losing her own mother to the disease.

Before undergoing chemotherapy her sons helped her cut off her hair to donate to a charity that makes wigs for children. After shaving her head she said: “It’s not that bad at all.”

Sarah Beeny
Sarah Beeny found fame presenting Property Ladder in 2001. (Getty Images)

After her mastectomy and reconstructive surgery she confessed: “Everything hurts, to be honest."

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Beeny ended the film by urging viewers not to be afraid to check their breasts regularly and reminding them that progress is made in breast cancer treatment every day.

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