Sarah Cawood in tears as she fears cancer has returned in heartbreaking video

TV personality Sarah Cawood, 51, has shared a tearful update on social media, expressing her fears that her cancer may have returned. "I don't want my life to end," she confessed in an emotional video.

The former presenter of The Girlie Show was first diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in 2022 following a routine mammogram and subsequently underwent a lumpectomy, and radiotherapy, and began long-term hormone therapy.

In a recent turn of events, Sarah discovered another lump this year and took to Instagram to voice her concerns, stating: "Once you've had cancer, you worry about it coming back all the time" reports the Mirror.

Now, the mother of two is facing anxiety over the possibility of a recurrence after having a mammogram a fortnight ago.

She posted a video on Instagram where she can be seen crying while her 12-year-old son sleeps next to her.

Clad in her pyjamas and wiping away tears, Sarah spoke about an upcoming appointment that has left her feeling particularly anxious.

In her post, she explained: "I got a text today telling me I have an appointment on Tuesday... I had a mammogram two weeks ago, but I also told the breast care nurses I was concerned about some marks on my other boob, so I don't know whether this appointment is about that (which has already disappeared) or my mammogram."

Sarah Cawood has revealed she is seeing the doctor this week after having a recent mammogram ( Image: Instagram) -Credit:Instagram
Sarah Cawood has revealed she is seeing the doctor this week after having a recent mammogram ( Image: Instagram) -Credit:Instagram

She continued, "I'm sure it's the latter, but the fact it's a bank holiday weekend and the appointment is so soon has me all kinds of anxious. It never leaves you. The fear that It's Back."

Despite the challenges, Sarah shared that she feels "happier than she has ever been" but acknowledges that the "shadow" of cancer is a constant presence.

She added: "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but here's the thing: I'm happier than I've ever been. My life is wonderful and I don't want it to end anytime soon, and this stupid f***ing thing that I had, it's always there, like a shadow on a sunny day, threatening to ruin this amazing life I'm leading."

Sarah also presented Live & Kicking ( Image: BBC) -Credit:BBC
Sarah also presented Live & Kicking ( Image: BBC) -Credit:BBC

"I hope I'm overreacting, and I'm sure I am, but I'm posting this because this is the reality of having cancer: it never ever really leaves you. The disease does, but the anxiety is with you for the rest of your life. Here's hoping it's a long and healthy one. To all my pink sisters: I've got you, I feel you, I am you."

Scores of Sarah's followers commended the mum-of-two for her candidness about her fears, with one responding: "How it makes you feel is so difficult to explain, you have shown it perfectly x I pray all is well and you get to breathe that big sigh of relief."

Sarah, famed for co-hosting The Girlie Show in the nineties alongside Sarah Cox as well as Live and Kicking, found her own breast cancer diagnosis in 2022 particularly "triggering" after the loss of a friend to the illness just a year before.

The TV host discussed her experience on ITV's Loose Women, where she spoke with the panellists about her journey and stressed the importance of women getting checked for signs of breast cancer, which in her case was detected during her mammogram.

Addressing her friend's loss, she revealed: "Because of what happened to Faye last year, she was a school mum friend, and so we were so worried that they would just be like, 'Oh well that's it, mummy's a goner.'

We explained to them it could be any of these things and what I said was let's cross those bridges when we come to them. I think we all catastrophise too much about life. Why worry about something that hasn't actually happened yet. Try not to... There's no point."

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