Sarah, Duchess of York’s infamous toe-sucking scandal may feature in raunchy ‘Crown’ follow-up!

Sarah, Duchess of York’s infamous toe-sucking antics could be featured in a raunchy sequel to ‘The Crown’.

Netflix’s hit royal drama has recently been slammed for featuring the death of Princess Diana in its sixth and final season, but its producer Andy Harries, 69, has revealed a follow-up to the show could include much “tawdrier” tales about royals – including Prince Andrew’s romance with US former actress Koo Stark.

Andy told the ‘Have You Seen?’ podcast “many examples” of “fairly tawdry events” had been left out of ‘The Crown’, adding: “We have often taken the high road here.”

The producer added it would be fairly easy to research events from information already available and contributors from scandalous royal incidents.

One would be Sarah Ferguson’s relationship with John Bryan while she was separated from Prince Andrew but still married to him – which led to her being pictured by a pool in St Tropez in 1992 with the Texan tycoon sucked on her toes.

Andy added about ‘The Crown’: “Fergie doesn’t feature heavily in the series. We didn’t do the toe sucking story. It wasn’t because it wasn’t a good or interesting story, but it was not central to the theme of the show.”

He also said members of “the circle around the royal family” had been in touch with him, adding: “Koo Stark rang me up, she got straight through to me and offered her services. She was briefly a girlfriend of Prince Andrew.”

Queen Camilla, 76, is said to be one of the only senior royal who watches ‘The Crown’.

The wife of King Charles, 75, who were crowed on 6 May, is apparently bucking the trend of the rest of The Firm by tuning into the popular Netflix drama, despite its controversial recreation of Princess Diana’s death for its current sixth and final series – and its inclusion of the tragic royal as a ghost.

Page Six reported a “good source” said “Queen Camilla is one of the only royals to watch ‘The Crown’.”

They added she may only have seen “early episodes”, and said Catherine, Princess of Wales – who has been portrayed in the final season of the show – is “believed to have watched with her mother, Carole Middleton”.

Historian Hugo Vickers, 71, also told Page Six the late Queen Elizabeth, who died in 2022 aged 96, was “briefed” on the series by courtiers, while her husband Prince Philip was said to have been left “terribly upset” by an episode that suggested he was partly to blame for the death of his sister Cecile in a plane crash.